Family Time – Repercussions of a Selfless Act of Volunteerism can be Amazing!

Posted by Sue

Family Time and Community Service Projects are, as Martha Stewart would say, " good thing!"
I am currently involved with a Relay for Life team in my county. I have participated with a team in years past as well, but this year I discovered families having teams and working together to raise awareness and money for their favorite charity.

What a great way to spend time together as a family and have fun! I wish I had thought of this when my kids were growing up. I hope in the future to do something with my extended multi-age family.

If your interested in getting your family volunteering together, here are my tips for getting things in motion:

Start by having a family meeting, talk about volunteerism and community service. Discuss what they mean and how would it make you feel to help someone.

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From there find out what your family is passionate about. ( A certain disease that has touched your family, a special need in your community, maybe something your kids’ school needs, or maybe you know someone elderly or ill who could use some extra help around the house and yard.) You might be surprised to find out even the youngest kids share your concerns on issues.

Discuss what you as a family can do to help. It might be as simple as volunteering to help out a neighbor, or volunteering at a soup kitchen for a day, or as complex as forming a formal family team and doing family fundraisers for a favorite charity.(An example is Relay for Life which raises money for cancer research.) You could also raise awareness and money for a need within your community. Some suggestions I have are a family car wash, saving your change, have a rummage and  or bake sale.

Make sure to advertise what you are raising money for and most people will support you–some will want to join in and help!

Whatever you and your family decide, do it together and have fun!

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