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Posted by Danielle

I am super-duper excited about the Olympics! An especially exciting Olympic year for me because I live in London, where they are being held this year….yay! I am always inspired by international events; there are so many different countries being represented with many variations on style, food and fun. One of the best things in life is to try new things and create new friendships through sharing. Diversity in all arenas can bring us together if we keep our minds open to new possibilities!

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My Olympic inspiration today is international foods. Sharing and preparing food together is such a wonderful thing to do! Why not try a recipe from another part of the world today? These recipes might wander off the path that you are used to, but I promise that your tastebuds will thank you!! Here are some selections that our friends from around the globe might be eating right now! Go on, give them a try!!

A little French for you: Crepes (savory or sweet). Fill with ratatouille, ham & cheese or nutella & banana or my favorite….lemon sugar! We have a Two Kids Cooking Crepe recipe right here, or you can try this recipe from that is extremely easy; I use it regularly. Just simply leave the sugar out of the recipe for a savory crepe! You can sprinkle with sugar and squeeze fresh lemon juice on your crepe or spread some nutella and sliced banana. This recipe calls for jam….do what suits your taste! Here is a recipe for ratatouille if you like savory.

Ratatouille takes a bit of time, but it is absolutely delicious as a crepe filling or a side. It is a great choice for a summer meal as vegetables are abundant and in season. This is a French treat that you will surely make again and again.

Next let’s have some Greek: Keftedes (pronounced keff – ta-dees) and chickpea spread…..yummmm!
These zucchini patties taste amazing! They are also vegetarian for our friends who like a veggie diet. All fresh ingredients that require a bit of chopping, snipping and grating and well worth your time! This recipe calls for Greek yogurt as a garnish. I am adding a chickpea spread recipe next. I think they go together splendidly!

This recipe makes my mouth water! I want some right now!! It is a Greek take on Hummus without tahini. This recipe calls for chickpea confit (pronounced con fee) and there is a link to it. I think you could use plain canned chickpeas and it would be just fine. Of course you should do whatever suits you! This Greek meal is light yet filling and full of healthy vegetable goodness; I might have to prepare this for dinner!

There are so many different international foods to try; I have just touched on a few that I think are fantastic. It is so important to broaden your taste and try something different. Don’t be afraid of something you can’t pronounce! Look it up and you may find that it is really quite easy and yummy! Let foreign foods unify a diverse community….share your heritage and stories with each other this Olympic season and always!

Be adventurous and share your heritage!

Happy Family Cooking,

Aunt Dani

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