Kids Crafts and Cooking: Happy to be Blue

Posted by Danielle

The oceans and lakes, the lovely sky…all blue and beautiful! Such a serene color that always makes me feel peaceful and happy. I happened to stumble upon some crafty blue goodness to share with you! One of these crafts is a sweet and healthy treat, too! Who doesn’t love an edible project?? I sure do!

1. Blueberry Fabric Stamps from
This cute idea from Martha Stewart is one of my favorites. I love that you can stamp anything you want! With some adult assistance, a cork turns into a blueberry stamp. You can decorate a tea towel, apron, tee-shirt or even a small tablecloth. Blueberries brighten up everything!

What is your favorite
Blue thing?

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2. Red White & Blue Candy Apples from
Here is the blue sweet treat, as promised! These candy apples are crunchy and delicious thanks to the yummy candy coating. You can dip them in blue sugar, too. Any blue candy decoration you may have hiding in your cabinet will be perfect to adorn your candy apple! Ask a helpful adult to be your blue assistant!

3. How to Make Marbleized Paper for Kids from
I was so excited when I discovered this blue marble idea! You can make it any color, of course, but I chose shades of blue. Ask mom, dad or another family friend to help mix the ingredients and you are off to a good start. What a great way to personalize paper and experiment with color! I can’t wait to try this!

There are tons of shades of blue in the rainbow and I challenge you to discover as many as you can. Bright or violet-blue all the way to light pale blue, each different and brilliant in their own unique way. I hope you do lots of mixing of blue shades to find your own special color!

Have a fabulous time creating your blue-themed day!!

Aunt Dani

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