Kids Crafts: Douglas the Dragonfly-One Good Bug

Posted by Sue

What do you think about dragonflies? I think they are a really neat bug! If you ever look at pictures of dragonflies you will see they can be a variety of colors and their wings are kind of multi-colored. Also the best part about dragonflies is what they eat. One dragonfly eats up to 600 mosquitoes in a day! Living in Minnesota where we have tons of mosquitoes I love any bug who eats that many a day.

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favorite bug?

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I guess that is why I dreamed up Douglas the Dragonfly. He represents all the hard working mosquito eating bugs out there! Plus he looks very cheery on my garden fence. Douglas would like to spread the message that dragonflies are good bugs and should be a welcome addition to your yard :)

SO we have created a kit complete with everything your family needs to make your own dragonfly. It is available in our store, if you want your very own Douglas! (You can change the name, Douglas won’t care) Just use your creative imagination, make him colorful and hang him in your yard to welcome the real mosquito eating dragonflies to your yard.

Most importantly I wish fun family crafting time for everyone in your family!



Grandma Sue:)

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