Kids Crafts: Travel and transport craft ideas–Building and constructing planes, trains, autos, etc,

Posted by Danielle

Building, constructing, gluing, folding, stapling… stuff, right? Of course it is fun and also great for hand – eye coordination and imagination! Today as I was taking my paper recycling out to the bin, I thought to myself that I should keep these random paper things and BUILD!

Paper towel tubes, cereal and pasta boxes, chocolate biscuit containers….grab your scissor and glue and let’s get started!

First of all let me say that there are thousands of things you could build….I am sticking with a transport theme for today! Trains, planes, automobiles, cable cars, motorcycles, camper-vans, spaceships…you could build a roller blade if you want to! Here is a list of materials that you could work with to build a fantastic transport machine:

glue/glue stick or rubber cement
masking/scotch or duct tape
any boxes such as cereal, shoe, pasta….whatever!
paper or toilet paper or wrapping paper cores/tubes
plastic bottle tops (these make great wheels)
wooden craft sticks
old wooden clothespins (ask first!)
anything you can find that can be given another life…..ask mom or dad first before destruction!

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Now that you have some nifty materials in your arsenal, here are some ideas to get you started. Any rectangular or square box is a great beginning to an automobile. A tube of any sort could be a rocket or a ship….a submarine?? Straws are just fun. They can be exhaust pipes, antennas, whatever you like. Tinfoil makes things shiny and metallic, or you can squish it into a space machine.

Once you have the basic shape of your transport done it is time to decorate and detail! This is where string, bottle tops, pipe-cleaner and more tinfoil come in handy! And don’t forget to use paint and markers if you need more variety. As mentioned above, bottle tops make great wheels or gears or steering wheels. Strings can be trailing off the end of a rocket ship or be glued into place for windows and other neat stuff. If you build a race car, you can paint it your favorite color and give it a personalized number! An airplane looks fabulous covered in silver foil, too!

I know you and your friends are going to love this project! Construction parties are fun on a rainy day or when it is just too hot to go outside for the entire afternoon. It is always exciting to see how different each person’s transport is and share ideas. Mom, dad and the helpful adults in your house will really be happy to see you recycling old boxes and being creative!

Happy Building!
Aunt Dani

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