Splash-tastic summer day fun!: Water activities to Break the Boredom & Heat

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We all wait for the long days of summer to arrive each year and look forward to the sunshine and outdoor festivities.  We celebrate holidays, see fireworks and go camping.  Sometimes we get stuck in a rut, though.  As happy as we are to see the end of the school year, we kind of miss the routine of it all.  Planned activities for the day and something to look forward to helps move the day along.  Well I am here to help you fight  those long, hazy days that sometimes drag along!

Grab your sunscreen, swimming suits, sunglasses, towels and flip-flops!  Let’s have some SPLASH-TASTIC FUN!!

What’s Your Family’s Favorite
Heat Busting Activity?

Let us know with a Comment!

First on my activity list is water Twister!  We all know the classic game Twister.  It has always been one of my favorite games to play.  A game for everyone guaranteed to make people smile and laugh.  This version is exactly the same except you move it outside and turn on the sprinkler!  It gets pretty slippery, so get ready to use your balancing skills and certainly get ready to fall down and laugh!

Next on the list is fill the cup relay……You need a plastic cup & sponge for each team, and a bucket full of water. The second person in the line on the team, places the empty cup on their head. The first person runs back and forth from the bucket to the cup, squeezing the water out of the sponge into the cup. When the cup is full the second person empties it onto the first persons head. Then repeats the process using the second & third people, until the whole line has done it. The first line who is finished wins!  This seems like a silly way to stay cool and who doesn’t like dumping water on their friend?  I do!

Another great idea to try is the balloon relay…..Two or more teams line up. They pick up a water balloon and run to the finish line. There they sit on the water balloon and pop it, then they run back to the starting line and the next person goes. If their water balloon pops before  they reach the finish line they must go back and get another. First team done wins!   Be sure to fill the water balloons up full to make a big splash!

I spent most of my summer at the local pool with my friends.  We used to have cannonball splash contests…..if you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool nearby, grab some friends and see who can make the biggest splash while practicing cannonballs!  Of course you need to abide by the rules of the swimming pool and the life guards.  It is fun to splash around, but safety in the pool is the golden rule.

And last, but not least, why not have a good old-fashioned water fight?!  invite all your friends over and tell them to bring their water toys!  Squirt guns, super-soakers, buckets, water balloons, sponges….anything that can hold water.  Remember to be kind to one another!  Do not aim at faces and eyes!  An injury-free water fight is the best, of course!  Have fun, cool off and have a good laugh!

I can’t wait for the next hot and humid day so I can play all these games and stay cool.  Remember to drink lots of water on hot days, too!  The inside of your body needs to stay hydrated to keep you feeling fantastic and happy!  If you live in an area where there are water restrictions, a day at the swimming pool might be your best bet in order to preserve water.  Ask mom or dad what the best choice is for you!

Happy Splashing!

Aunt Dani

P.S. What’s your family’s favorite heat busting activity? Let us know with a comment?


*The ideas in this blog post are adapted from Water Games and Activities

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