Family Food Fun: Borough Market in London

Posted by Danielle

There is really nothing I’d rather do than spend my day at farmer’s markets.  The array and beauty of all the seasonal produce is inspiring and incredible.  Discovering new foods and learning the health benefits of all those colorful abundant fruits and vegetables…fun, fun, fun!  I spent a recent Thursday afternoon at London’s Borough Market and had an amazing time.  I visited my favorite stands and also made new discoveries, too.  Allow me to share my adventure with you and I’ll be sure to include links to some fantastic food stands!

Borough Market has been around for ages….as far back as 1755 and even before that!  It is wonderful that people have been so passionate about food and quality of life all throughout history.  The market is located near London Bridge Tube Station and it is enormous!  I have included photos of the market, of course, but it is difficult to capture its size!  There are food traders from across the United Kingdom and the European Union at the market.  It is truly a global food shopping experience that cannot be matched!

Everything you can possibly imagine is available at Borough Market.  You can buy an ostrich burger for lunch if you fancy!  There are food choices for everyone, on all diets and it all tastes genuinely delicious.  Not only is the food diverse and abundant, but the traders are experts in their field and have passion for their work.  You will be greeted with smiles, information on all products and samples or tastes of everything!  It is so important to know where your food comes from so you can be appreciative of all the hard work that goes into feeding this world!

I usually get to Borough Market once a week and have met some lovely traders.  There is a fabulous organic olive company, Oliveology, that I always visit.  Mariana is there nearly every day, always smiling and offering you the most delightful olives and oil you have ever tried.  Another trader I cannot walk past is Ginger Pig.  What a wonderful name and the best quality seasonal meats around!  If you are a carnivore, this stand cannot be passed up and their cookbook is incredible..full of photos and local English fare and the farmers who dedicate their lives to feeding us!

And the cheese!  The English countryside is full of dairy farms that produce some of the world’s best cheese, butter and dairy.  Imagine fields of clover and lush grasses that make English cheese incredibly flavorful and creamy.  Neal’s Yard Dairy is the place to be if you want cheese!  You can taste anything you want and I dare you to leave empty handed; it is impossible!  I have never left without at least 2 wedges of cheese!  In fact, I have never left Borough Market without a bag of goodies…and if you have the chance to visit London, you won’t leave empty-handed either!

I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed this glimpse into a food dreamland that is Borough Market!  I know I have enjoyed sharing it with you; there is nothing more satisfying than sharing experiences that offer health and goodwill.  There are lots of photos to look through and also, as promised, links to websites if you are interested in taking a closer look!

Happiness is food and sharing!

Aunt Dani

Links/Resources from Aunt Dani:

Borough Market Website
The Ginger Pig Website
Oliveology Website
Neal’s Yard Website
Brindisa Website

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