First Hand from the London Olympics with Aunt Dani

Posted by Danielle

This past week has been a whirlwind of sport, surprise and absolute excitement! That’s right, I’m talking about the 2012 Summer Olympic Games here in London! I have been extremely busy going to as many events as possible along with my sports-loving husband Uncle Steve! We have been to just about every venue and taken some amazing photographs along the way to share with you. I know these Olympic Games will “Inspire A Generation”!!

As you know, the games always start off with the torch relay. I was very lucky and happen to live a few blocks down from where the relay started! Uncle Steve decided to wake up very early, run down

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the street and take some nifty pictures of the relay for you. That started the games off to an amazing start and we were off to our first day at the Olympic Park!! We had our tickets ready, our train passes in hand and huge smiles on our faces!

Our first Olympic games event was Water Polo. I was thrilled as I had never seen a water polo game before and I love water! The teams were filled with fantastic and strong swimmers. They use all their strength to score a goal by swimming at an unbelievable pace, blocking their opponents, throwing and stealing the ball, all while treading water!! I was blown away at the stamina these athletes have. We saw 2 matches of water polo and then it was on to basketball!

Watching the U.S. men’s basketball team was a dream come true! LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Love (among many other talented players!) played a fantastic game against France. The stadium was packed with fans from all over the world. It felt spectacular to be a part of such positive, international energy! Uncle Steve captured some fabulous moments on film to share with you!

When basketball was finished, we had the rest of the day to enjoy viewing and experiencing all the excitement the Olympic Park had to offer. It is a gigantic park; there is no shortage of things to see and do! We went up in the Orbit, which is the tall, red, twisty metal structure that you see on television. The best part of being in the orbit is that you are able to see directly into the stadium. This is where the beautiful opening ceremony took place and it is also where the huge Olympic Flame burns throughout the games! Breathtaking views of London and the park are part of being up so high in the orbit! Check out our pictures!

There were energetic and happy people from all across the nation surrounding us in the park. The positive feeling was overwhelming; it nearly brought tears to my eyes! So many languages being spoken and anthems being sung, fans wearing their country’s colors and flags proudly…the feeling of happiness in the air! Uncle Steve and I felt so proud and grateful to be part of it all; we didn’t want to leave!

I am so delighted to be able to share this experience with you. I really hope that you enjoy the pictures of all the sporting events that we were so lucky to see! In addition to Water Polo and Basketball, we also watched Men’s volleyball and boxing, too! You will also notice a cute little guy named Wenlock in some of the photos. He is the official mascot of the Olympics and I have to say that he is very cute! “Inspire A Generation” is a theme that you will notice throughout the park. I know I have been completely inspired as I took this Olympic journey and I am sure you will be inspired, too!

Aunt Dani

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