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I have always had a pet in my family, a dog or cat…..even a guinea  pig!  Pets are  special  and deserve lots of love, attention and adoration.  They are always there for us, getting us outside on walks, listening to us get excited or frustrated.  Our 4-legged friends are steadfast by our sides to cheer us on and keep us smiling through good and bad!  This blog is dedicated to our furry friends!  It is filled with treat ideas and recipes you can make at home…Join me!

Peanut butter and banana pie for dog birthdays!
This is super easy and your dog will be smiling for days!  All you need is a plastic platter (it may get chewed up and licked – so use something that can be tossed!) and some peanut butter and ripe bananas.  Spread a layer of peanut butter on the tray and cover with banana slices.  You can get creative if you want!  I have done this for my dog and wrote his name in banana slices or you can put her/his birth date.  Bear in mind that some dogs don’t like to share!  You might have to make multiples for other dog friends !

Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits (From
Dogs LOVE peanut butter!  You can make this recipe with friends who have dogs and double it you need to.  Any cookie cutter will do, believe me, you dog won’t care what shape the biscuit is…..s/he just wants a bite!  Most craft stores do sell a dog-bone shape cutter if you want one.  I might make these for the holidays in a star shape for my furry relatives!

Tasty Cat Treats…..let’s not forget the kitties! (From
This recipe for tasty cat cookies is simple and involves catnip.  I have never met a cat who isn’t addicted to catnip!  My cat rolls in it!  Once again, ask friends who have cats as pets to join you and you can cook together which is always more fun!  This website is also a great resource for other cat treats that are a bit more involved if you want to test them out!

Cheesy Cat Treats! (From
When I read the ingredients I thought to myself that I’d like to eat these!  But let’s make them for our kitties instead.  Another easy recipe sure to please the cat in your life.  This website also has other fantastic ideas for your kitty.  Check it out!

Clearly there are more pets than cats and dogs to make treats for.  I will have another blog coming up for other pets in the future!  Our pets deserve to eat quality food and snacks with healthy ingredients just like us.  A good diet will improve their quality of life and they will love you for it!  There are so many additives and hideous fake smells in most store-purchased treats…why would your family member want that?  And like I always say, cooking together is a great way to unite with friends and share stories.  Get in the kitchen and have fun!

Happy Family Cooking!

Aunt Dani

P.S. If you’re going to whip up some tasty treats for the furry friends in your life, make sure you have the tools you need–Check out Curious Chef Kids Cooking Supplies at!

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