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The warm and breezy days of summer are coming to a close, but it’s still the perfect time for tacos!  Fresh veggies with lots of crunch for a nice, cool bite and an array of different meat choices if you like.  There are crunchy corn shells or soft flour tortillas to wrap all that taco goodness inside.  I have friends who like to turn most meals into salads; for salad people – grab some tortilla chips and build a salad on top!  Tacos are truly a choose-your-own-adventure type of meal.  I adore a meal that pleases everyone!

Here are 3 taco ideas to get you started…..remember to be adventurous!  Try new things!

1. Southwestern Shrimp Soft Tacos (
If you haven’t tried a seafood taco, now is the time!  Shrimp is delicious in this fresh healthy version.  There is lots of chopping, dicing and stirring involved, so gather the family together and get to it!

2. Beef Tacos (
Jamie Oliver loves to get the kids involved in family meals and that’s why I selected this lovely recipe.  A traditional beef taco meal that everyone can help prepare!  This recipe even involves a little guacamole on the side!

What is your favorite
taco ‘stuffer’?

Let us know with a Comment!

3. Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tacos (
Sweet potatoes are amazingly versatile and taste awesome!  Roasted and tossed with black beans and spices, they make a great taco filler.  I have lots of friends who are vegetarians and they LOVE these!!  Of course if you really want to, go ahead and add some diced or shredded chicken to this taco.  It will taste great either way!

Don’t you just love how anyone can add whatever toppings and stuffers they want?  That is exactly why tacos make a perfect summertime meal!  Fresh produce is abundant so all the veggies are in season and taste terrific, too.  Any of these recipes can be customized to your liking.  Swap different toppings, meats, cheeses and salsa so that your taco is unique and tasty!

Have fun together…be adventurous….and enjoy!
Aunt Dani


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