Kids Crafts & Gardening: It’s FUN being Green!

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Did you know that green is one of the easiest colors for our eyes to see?  I am not sure of the science behind it, but I believe it!  Plants, trees, freshly cut grass, pine needles, fresh fruit and vegetables….all of these things pop into my mind when I think of green.  Maybe Kermit the Frog, too!!  So many green things in the world to draw inspiration from.  How about some creative green activities to start off the day?!

1.  Plant a green herb garden
Herbs such as basil, cilantro, oregano and parsley are easy to care for and add tons of flavour to food.  You will need some seeds, soil and a small or medium sized planter depending on how many herbs you are going to plant.  Follow the directions on the seed packet and you are set!

What is your
favorite green thing?

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2.  Make a green mosaic
This is such a fun project because you can use any small green objects (seeds, dried beans or  beads) that you can find!  Ask mom or dad what is ok to use!  You will need a piece of heavy construction paper, a pencil, glue and a variety of small green beans, seeds, pine needles, etc.  I made  a drawing of a leaf for my green mosaic, but you can draw any design you like.  I filled in my leaf with dried split peas and pieces of broken leaves!  You can use regular white glue and you may need a tweezer to apply the small bits.  Let your imagination go green!!

3.  Green marble painting
This is a fabulous project for all ages and it is fun to do!  You will need the top or bottom of a cardboard box.  Ask a helpful adult in your house if you have an extra to use.  Take a piece of white or light colored paper and put it inside the box.  Next you will need three marbles and three different shades of green paint.  You can make different shades of green by adding white to dark green and mixing!  Take a plastic spoon and put the marbles in each color of paint and then transfer to the box.  Slowly roll the marbles around by moving the box back and forth.  As the marbles roll around, a spectacular green design will appear!

All of these ideas are sure to keep you seeing green!  Remember to be creative and use your own ideas, too.  These are only examples of what is possible!  You can add lettuces to your green garden or green beans.  You might have some green sea glass to add to your mosaic.  Look around and see what you can find or what inspires you!

Aunt Dani

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