Kids Crafts: If you build one they will come…Two Kids Birdhouse Kit

Posted by Sue

Yes it sounds like a line from an old movie, but in the case of birds it is true. If you build and maintain bird houses in your yard the birds will come. I know from personal experience that bird watching is a very relaxing and entertaining hobby. We have several bird houses of varying sizes and shapes in our yard. Most of them hang in trees but some hang on hooks from our fence and our garage.

Our favorite birds that have moved-in are the wrens. They are a very little bird with a very big voice. Their song is happy and beautiful. We also get a variety of sparrows, some people don’t like them, but I find all birds entertaining to watch.

We do take some of our houses down in the fall for clean out and repainting if needed. You can put them up again in the spring, but I recently discovered if we leave a few out over winter some of the birds will use them for shelter from the cold (we live in Minnesota and it gets pretty cold here in the winter).

I thought it might be fun to share my love of birds by creating a simple birdhouse kit. It is available in our online store right now! The kit comes with everything you need to construct a birdhouse. It is a family project–you’ll need more than one set of hands to build it. And, the more input on the decorating, the better, of course! Birds love bright colors so everyone one in the family can add their own bright decoration to the house.

What is your
favorite bird?

Let us know with a Comment!

I know you will have a great time building and decorating your own birdhouse whether you use our kit our design your own. I assure you, the birds will love it!

Most importantly I hope you have fun making memories and family crafting:)



Grandma Sue:)

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