Kids Crafts: Paint the Harvest

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As the end of the summer approaches, I always notice the abundance of beautiful and colorful fruit and vegetables at markets.  The harvest brings us bold reds, oranges, greens and purples…a lovely rainbow of food!  Our gardens create a multitude of fresh produce for us, not only to eat, but to inspire us to be artists!  As I wandered through the farmers market this morning, I thought, “I’d like to paint this!”.  Join me, grab your paints and brushes, and let’s paint a harvest portrait together!!

I know it sounds a bit intimidating and difficult, but painting food is really quite simple.  Most of the food we see in everyday life echo basic shapes we are familiar with.  Apples are heart shaped, onions and oranges are circular and carrots are long triangles.  Tomatoes come in a variety of shapes; some tomatoes are long ovals and others are large bumpy circles!  There are string beans and unshelled peas which are easy to paint, too.  I am getting excited; put your paint shirts on!

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Here are some supplies you’ll need:

  • Large piece of construction paper
  • Child-safe paints in a variety of colors (don’t be afraid to mix!)
  • Variety of large and small brushes
  • Plastic cup of water for rinsing and mixing
  • An old shirt / paint shirt to protect your clothing
  • Old newspaper or other paper to cover tabletop with
  • A basket or bowl full of fresh fruit and vegetables from your garden or market

After you have your supplies in order and your paint shirts on, it’s time to have some garden fun!!  When I paint, I usually start with the biggest object first.  The first thing I painted was a giant tomato!  I used yellow and red for colors and let them mix together.  You can use whatever colors you want!  Next was a cucumber in my basket, so I used green and yellow and painted a long oval shape….easy-peasy!  The apple I saw in my basket was red, orange and yellow with a brown stem.  I started off with a heart shape and filled it in with apple colors!

Before you know it, your paper will be full of bright and delightful fruit and vegetables.  You’ll be amazed (and your family and friends will, too!) at all the colors you see!  I bet you didn’t think you could paint such a lovely work of art!  Painting is one of my favorite things to do.  If you have a nice day, this project is fantastic to set up outside right next to the garden.  Flowers can be a nice addition to your harvest basket, too!

When you are finished with your original and fabulous work of art, make sure to allow it to dry thoroughly before proudly displaying it.  Mom, dad or another helpful adult will know the perfect place to hang it up!  I know you will enjoy this art event as much as I did.  Don’t limit yourself to the same colors you “think” fruits and veggies should be!  Step outside the normal colors of life and try something different!  Maybe you see some purple in that tomato??  Paint what you see and have fun, always!

Happy Harvest Painting Everyone!

Aunt Dani

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