Kids Crafts: Scavenger Hunt Pencil Holder

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

Since it is Fall and back to School time is here, we thought we’d make a craft that would work well with both and we decided on making a Scavenger Hunt Pencil Holder.  Now, we used a flower pot, so it would work for that too–the important part is the fun we had preparing for and making this creation.

What You’ll Need:

-A clay flower pot
-‘Found’ items from around the house, inside and out
-A glue gun
-Your imagination

Before we even got out the glue gun, we decided we needed to scavenge around the apartment, inside and out, for some things to fancy up our pencil holder.  We got out a notebook and jotted down some ideas for things we thought would look cool and then started hunting.

First, we headed outside with a basket to collect items like leaves and cool rocks, feathers and any other miscellaneous stuff we thought would add some interest to our pencil holder.

Next, we dug through our craft stuff and ‘junk’ drawers in the apartment to find other things that we might use.

Finally, we sat down at the table with our glue gun and a clay flower pot and got to it!

Now, Sophia is using her pencil holder on her desk for markers, pencils and even a cool feather (as you can see in the first picture)…but, you could use it as a pretty flower pot, too. Either way, it is a fun, creative project that we hope you enjoy!

Happy Family Crafting!

P.S. Did you know you can share pics of your creations with us and all the Two Kids Fans at our Facebook Page?

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