Kids Gardening: Bugs,The Good Ones!

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

If you’re going to garden, you’re going to come across a bug or 6…it’s just a part of the experience. Learning about the bugs you’ll see can be fun, especially when the bugs are beneficial, like:

Ladybugs, Dragonfly, Pirate bug, Bees, Hover Flys, etc…(find more beneficial bugs here:  Our favorite bug here at the Two Kids house is the Dragonfly…Douglas the Dragonfly, of course! You can check out how you can create your very own Douglas the Dragonfly with our Kit over at the Two Kids Cooking & More Shop.

In the meantime, here are a couple of ideas to help the kids learn about and have fun with bugs!

Crafty Bugs-
First, do some image searches on Google to find pics of your favorite Good Bugs.  Once you’ve reviewed your choices and picked out the perfect bug or two, dig out some colored paper and pick out those that match your bug. Cut out the shapes of the bugs and all of their colored parts (for example, a large red circle for a ladybug, two smaller circles for the spots on the back, a half circle for the lady bug head, etc).  Once you have all the pieces cut out, glue them together.

Or, once you’ve picked out your bug, use items from around the house or outside—fabric scraps, sticks, paperclips, various papers, etc.—and create a bug that is just like the picture you found online, expect with a touch of personalized creativity!

Photo Bug Hunt-
For this one, you’ll want to do some research online again and print out some pictures of all those good bugs. Some bugs might not live in certain areas of the country, so include your state in your search to make sure you get some bugs you can actually find. Once you’ve got your printouts, grab a camera and head outside.  Take the whole family out for an adventure walk. Make sure to check close to the ground, around the plants and trees. When you find one of the bugs, snap a picture.  After you’ve collected snapshots of all of your specimens, print them out and make a scrapbook.

 Do you have any other ideas for fun ways to learn about bugs?  Let us know with a comment!

Happy Bug Hunting Everyone!

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