Kids Gardening & Crafts: 3 Tips for Attracting Bird Friends to Your Yard

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

In addition to cooking for ourselves, our whole family enjoys ‘cooking’ for the birds that visit.  Cooking for birds is more of a serving thing, but different kinds of birds do have different preferences—we wanted to share some tips for attracting and keeping happy bird visitors!

If you want to attract specific kinds of birds, it’s good to research what they like to eat and make sure it’s on the menu. For example, oriole’s like sweet things, like grape jelly and oranges. Gold Finches love Thistle seeds, and hummingbirds are nectar eaters.  Remember, some birds are only found in specific regions of a country, so work at getting the native birds to visit.  And, if you want to attract Orioles and other sweets loving birds, our Pretty Birds Sweet Shop Kit will have you build an awesome feeder that is popular with lots of sweets loving birds.

Birds love plants, especially plants that are native to the area you live in.  Setting up a bird area near a tree or bush, plus planting some flowers or herbs will make your birds want to hangout and relax.

Adding a birdbath or water feature to your yard or patio is another way to welcome birds to visit. You can get purchase one from a store, or make your own bird bath—don’t make it too deep though, birds can drown.  If you get fancier and have a water feature with moving water, like a water fall, the sound will also help attract the birds.

For a simple nectar recipe, see Grandma Sue’s  over at

And, if you want to make custom homes or feeders for your bird friends, check out our store. Our Pretty Birds Sweet Shop Oriole Feeder Kit is great for lots of birds and so is our Family Bird House Kit!

Happy Family Birding Everyone!

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