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Chocolate and waffles and sweets..oh my!  Welcome to Brussels, Belgium.  The land of delicious and lovely, chocolatey treats, among other yummy things to eat!  As soon as I stepped off the train the smell of sugary goodness filled the air…..ahhh.  It was absolutely delightful and I’d love to share my sweet-filled adventure with you!  Don’t worry, we managed to get in some exercise and walking, too!  There are plenty of photos to see; check them out!

It really does smell like a funnel-cake everywhere you go; there are cute little vans selling crispy and warm waffles on nearly every corner.  Uncle Steve was so excited that he couldn’t stop smiling (see picture!).  After our waffle snack it was time to head to the best chocolate shop EVER….Pierre Marcolini!!  This sweet shop is a 2 story institution packed full of everything chocolate imaginable and it tastes AMAZING!  We didn’t leave empty handed, of course!  There was a package of dark chocolate covered marshmallows that Uncle Steve and I inhaled in less than 2 minutes…yum!

There are many fabulous sites to see in Brussels, too.  After you fill your tummies with goodies, put your tennis shoes on and get walking!  The Grand Place is the center square of Brussels and it is breathtaking to see.  It serves as the city town hall and was built in stages between 1401 and 1455!!  It is old and huge! On our visit, there was a special event going on called the Flower Carpet.  It takes place every 2 years in August and is spectacular and colorful.  The entire square is covered in a design of flowers like an enormous carpet!  Uncle Steve took tons of pictures to share with you!

After our Flower Carpet experience, it was time for dinner at Chez Leon!  A wonderful restaurant with fun name to say!  Brussels is famously known for many foods and mussels and fries are the best!  I LOVE shellfish.  It is fun to taste new foods so I ordered a big bowl and grabbed my fork!  They were so good and I ate every last one….bon apetit!  By the way, mussels look fancy, but they are actually quite easy to prepare and fun to eat!  Here is a link to a recipe you can make at home as a family! If you don’t like spicy, leave out the pepper.  You can also substitute broth for white wine.  Whatever suits your taste!

Another fantastic place we visited was the Atomium.  This was my favourite!  It is basically a gigantic model of an iron crystal atom that people can go inside!!  You have to see the pictures to realize how big it is.  I was amazed at how shiny and huge it was!  Uncle Steve just told me that the Atomium was one of the destination stops in the show Amazing Race!  It was built in 1958 for the World’s Fair….what a great idea!  If you’re interested in learning more about this super-cool structure please visit  I highly recommend checking it out!!  I think think the Alex and Soph would LIVE inside the Atomium if they could!!

I wish could write all day about my adventure, but I am out of space!!  You will see in the photos that I have shared all the amazing places we ventured to.  Palaces, sweet shops, parks and much to see in three days!  Traveling to new places is my favorite thing to do!

What have you done lately that is different?  Tell us about it!  Aunt Dani wants to know!


Happy Traveling!

Aunt Dani



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