Kids Craft Kit: Who Is the Boo Crew?

Posted by Sue


As you probably have all figured out by now, just like Kelly, Alex and Sophia, I love Halloween! And that is where the story of the Boo Crew begins. There, and in my head of course…

One dark Halloween night the children were all in costume and out trick or treating. Some had parents with them, but some of them were out on their own and, from time to time, they would meet up with pretty scary creatures. These unchaperoned treat seekers would call out for help to get away from these scary creatures–who do you think came to the rescue? The Boo Crew of course!

These four brave Halloween protectors chased away the scary creatures and the costumed kids were left to enjoy the rest of the Halloween evening trick or treating under the watchful eyes of the Boo crew.

In our Boo Crew kit you will find replicas of the Boo Crew members. You can paint them and use them to decorate your house for Halloween–and top keep an eye out for scary creatures 😉

The Boo Crew consists of:
Cecilia the Cat. She is the leader of the crew. She has the best eyes for seeing troubled trick or treaters in the dark. When it isn’t Halloween she has a family she lives with and watches over.

Clarence the Ghost. He is a friendly spirit and loves children. He makes sure no harm will come to anyone on Halloween night.

Omar the Bat
. He uses his keen sonar to keep and eye on all unchaperoned Halloween treat seekers and direct the other crew members to the location of anyone who calls out for help. He also likes to hang upside down in the trees when it’s not Halloween.

Jack the Jack O’Lantern. Jack lights the way for everyone who ventures out trick or treating on Halloween. After Halloween his job is over and he sort of disappears, but never fear if you plant some of his seeds in the spring there will be many more jack o’ lanterns for next Halloween.

Have a wonderful and fun Halloween! I know I will!

If you have a Halloween story please share it with us…this Grandma loves a good Halloween tale!

Happy Halloween Crafting Everyone!


P.S. If you want to decorate your very own Cecilia, Clarence, Omar and Jack, you can get a Boo Crew Kit at our Two Kids Cooking & More Shop, right now!

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