Kids Craft: Thanksgiving + Friendship = Turkey

Posted by Sue

Two Kids Cooking and More - Friendship the Turkey KitIt is hard to believe but once again Thanksgiving is almost upon us. It is a holiday I feel is overlooked by a lot of families due to the anticipation for Christmas. But there are also many of us, myself included that have always loved the planning and preparation for this special time spent with friends and family. It’s a time to strengthen relationships, form new friendships, and create memories to be shared for years to come. The Thanksgiving table is never too full!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we created Friendship the Turkey, a fun, simple craft for kids and adults. He represents friendship starting way back with the Pilgrims and Natives. I think of the bonds they formed when they came together on that 1st Thanksgiving, sharing, teaching, and caring for one another.

It was the wild turkey back then and now it is mostly the domestic grocery store kind we share on our Thanksgiving tables, but the anticipation of the feast remains the same every year. For most of us the Turkey has remained a symbol of Thanksgiving and a wonderful sharing holiday for everyone–in one word Thanksgiving is ‘Friendship’ (just like our Turkey craft).

With our family spread out all over the country (and across the ocean), Thanksgiving for the 2 kids family varies from year to year. Sometimes it’s mostly friends, sometimes it’s friends and family. And, each friends and family member has there favorite dish :) A family favorite for Grandma is pumpkin pie, just gotta have it! And, both Alex and Sophia love their mom’s mashed potatoes.  Kelly (aka ‘the mom’) is a veggie freak and loves the traditional green bean casserole. Aunt Dani is a fan of the wild rice stuffing when she and her husband, Steve,  are able to join us for Thanksgiving.

We’re curious to find out your favorite dishes and how your family plans to  celebrate this food centric holiday–How do you plan your holiday feast? Does the whole family help?–Share your favorite Thanksgiving food with us, or your favorite memory…we can’t wait to hear!

Happy Friend and Family Filled Thanksgiving!

Grandma Sue

P.S. If you want to add a little crafty bonding to your Thanksgiving time, Why not make your own ‘Friendship’ the Turkey kit? They are available at our shop…check ’em out!


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