Kids Crafts: Sophia’s Fall Pine Cone Mobile

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

This craft is completely Sophia’s creation, and the moment I saw it I knew we had to share it with all of you.

In our apartment, I have…or should say had…a desk that contains paperwork and other business-y type stuff.  I do work from home lots with my day job, but my preferred place to actually do work is either the dining room table or the couch. What this means is my desk is/was rarely used. Recently, Sophia decided to take it over. Since her ‘work’ is art and craft stuff, when she has her ‘desk time’ (as she calls it), she works on arts and crafts.  This pine cone mobile is a result of one her more recent ‘desk times’.

When she showed it to me, I just loved it. It’s simple but fun. All it takes is some string, pine cones and an empty toilet paper roll. For the string, we used a peachy colored raffia we have that Aunt Dani left us when she moved. The pine cones are from an adventure walk around the ground of our apartment building. And the toilet paper roll…well we all have lots of those that we usually throw away 😀  She also embellished her mobile with  a brightly colored fall leaf, but you could decorate yours any way you wish.

To make your own, here are the steps that Soph shared with me:

1) Cut your string to the lengths you want the pine cones to hang down.

2) Tie the cut string pieces around your pine cones. Sophia used 3 pine cones; you might be able to squeeze in 4, but 3 is comfortable.

3) Punch holes in the toilet paper role to tie your strings to. Two holes for each pine cone. Sophia used a hole punch, but you could just poke a scissors through.

4) Tie your the non-pine cone end of the pine cone strings to the holes punched in the toilet paper roll.

5) Punch two additional holes to the top of the toilet paper roll.

6) Cut an additional piece of string to tie into these two additional holes. This will be used for hanging up your mobile.

7) Decorate your toilet paper roll however you want.

8) Hang up and enjoy!

Happy Family Crafting Everyone!

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