Thoughts from Aunt Dani: 2012 Paralympics

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

When I wrote this, it was the last day of the London 2012 Paralympic games…here were my thoughts…

I am feeling a bit sad that all this Olympic fun has come to an end, but I am thrilled that I have had the chance to share it with you! The Paralympics started right after the Olympics. Another amazing group of first-class athletes performing unbelievable feats!! We have had such a fantastic time at the Paralympics! Here are a few highlights of some events that I was so fortunate to see!

Paralympic athletes absolutely blow my mind with their talent and discipline. Some of them are performing blind or without the use of legs or arms. I am truly inspired by their ability and ease of sport! It is crazy what a positive attitude, hard work and determination can do for a person! Here are some events that I loved: blind racing and long jump (yes, I said blind!), wheelchair basketball and wheelchair rugby (rugby also known as murder-ball!)…I guess I loved it ALL!! Uncle Steve and I finally got to see the inside of the Olympic Stadium for track and field. It was gigantic and a sports lover’s dream! This is where we saw shot-put and discus, javelin, long jump and numerous races.

We were lucky enough to have seats right next to the Olympic torch!! I almost cried!! The torch was beautiful and kept us very warm! The most exciting thing is hearing the crowd cheer and clap with excitement….the energy in the Stadium is overwhelming and fabulous to be a part of! It makes you feel so happy, energized, and excited to be alive! I cheered for everyone – they all deserve to win! By the end of the night my voice was gone. Some of the races on foot and in race-chairs were so close and totally thrilling to watch; I didn’t want the night to end.

The victory ceremonies brought tears to my eyes no matter who received the medals. Gold, silver and bronze medals were proudly given throughout the night to athletes from various countries. To see those athletes overcome life’s challenges, be it blindness, injury, cerebral palsy, etc… is unbelievable. The grace and pride displayed by every one of them was so completely admirable. I felt proud to honor them as their flags were waving and their anthems were playing.

If you ever find yourself feeling inadequate or not good enough, remember these Paralympic Games! We are all so fortunate in so many ways. Anything is possible if you find the determination and spirit in yourself! Life is truly what you make of it, disability or not! Focus on the ability and strength of your mind and body every day. A positive outlook will set you free!!

Have gratitude and love for yourself and your uniqueness!
Aunt Dani


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