Two Kids Cooking TV: Halloween Cooking Shows from the Past

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

Since we’ve been online for a few years, and doing the cooking show, well, we’ve accumulated some Halloween themed recipe shows. So, today I thought I’d mention them, so if you’re looking for some Halloween Web-based cooking shows to watch, we’ve got you covered 😀

Honestly, you’ll be able to tell the early ones vs. the newer ones by watching Alex…my baby boy is growing up and his height and deeper voice are really noticeable when I watch older episodes…

Anyway, here are links to each of the episode pages, or you could just go over to YouTube or and check ’em out there. I might be a bit partial, but they are fun to watch 😀

And yes, we do own a fog machine!

Here are the episodes in no particular order:

Happy Halloween Cooking Everyone!

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