Holiday Travel with Kids: Long Car Trips can be Fun and Educational

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I recently had the great pleasure of spending a day with my grandchildren without their mom around. This is rare, as mom is very possessive of them. During our time together, we had to spend a lot of time in the car, which lead to boredom and consequently the brother/sister bickering began. As Alex and Soph’s back and forth taunting began, I remembered some fun things we did with their mom (aka Kelly)  and her siblings (aka Aunt Dani, Aunt Becky and Uncle Michael) when they were the kids and we’d be travelling on the long car trips to their grandma and grandpa’s house for visits. They are simple games but they do pass the time much more effectively than bickering and the whole family can get involved, even the driver.

Play the Alphabet Games
With this game, everyone looks for things out the window, not inside the vehicle. Start with the letter ‘A’ and things you see that start with that letter–for instance, apple tree. Continue through the whole alphabet finding items you see along your journey. You can work together, in teams or individually and compete to see who finishes first. The game can become a little more difficult if you look for things that start with the sounds of the letter, both long and short sounds for each letter. You can do the same looking for numbers up to 50 or however far you chose to go. For younger children you can look for shapes and colors, too.

License Plate Games
Another fun thing to do is read the license plates. You can make a list of all the states you find. Or, I also like to think of names for the vehicles using the letters on the plates. An example is my car the plate is HMX I call it Happy Moose Xing. It sounds crazy but not only does it lead to fun times in the car, it can also helps everyone find the car in a parking lot:) On our trip that day, Alex and Soph had lots of fun naming cars with me on our trip 😀

One last game that we always have fun with is a story round about or a ‘story-go-round’. To play, pick a person to start the story with a couple of sentences. Then then next person picks up with the next few lines of the story. Continue around so all the passengers in the car get a chance to add to the story. It can be hilarious and you never know how the story might end.

Do you have any games you like to play in the car while travelling? If so, please share ’em, or, if you try ours let us know what you thing!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and Safe (and fun) Travels!

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