Kids Cooking Recipe: Single Serving Mulling Spices

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This recipe is also kind of crafty and educational. In addition to putting together an individual mulling spice tea bag, you get to decorate it with holly berries and leaves made from paper. You get some creative cutting and tracing skills when making the holly leaves and berries and then cutting them out, too–That’s the craft part. The educational part comes in with all of the spices that need to be counted and added into the bag–although most of the counting is only to 4, you can first have your young assistants count each whole spice out (4 of each), and then count some more as you add them one by one, up to 12. Or, for older, more advanced helpers, you could ask someĀ multiplication and/or division question–There are lots of ways to get some math in there if you want šŸ˜€ Anyway, In the recipe are all of the steps for the tea-bag servings, as well as the crafty parts…

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own: Cardamon Pods, Whole Allspice, Whole Cloves, Whole Cinnamon Sticks, Kitchen String, Tea Bags, Scissors, Red and Green Paper, Whole Punch, Marker and Pen or Pencil.

Next step, follow the instructions in the recipe below…

Enjoy! Happy Holiday Cooking (and Crafting) Everyone!

Kids Cooking Recipe: Single Serving Mulling Spices

Kids Cooking Recipe: Single Serving Mulling Spices


    Spices for each bag
  • Whole cloves
  • Whole cardamon pods
  • Whole allspice seeds
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Other Need Items
  • Empty, fillable tea bags
  • Kitchen Twine
  • Red and Green colored paper
  • Scissors


  • Take one of your fillable tea bags. We got ours at teavana, but you can probably find 'em at your grocery store too.
  • Add 4 of each of the following whole spices into the teabag: cloves, cardamon, allspice.
  • Break your cinnamon stick in half and add half of it into the teabag. Save the other half for the outside decoration.
  • Accordian fold the top of your teabag so you can tie the string around it and close it without too much bunching.
  • Tie your string around the teabag top. Leave one end of the string shorter, with enough to assist with the tying of the cinnamon stick into a bow.
  • Tie on the remaining 1/2 cinnamon sick. Tie it into a bow. One side will be longer and that is for the tag end that will have the holly berries and leaves.
  • Cut any extra tea bag length from the top, off. Our bags were really long, but yours may not be, just leave about 1/2 inch or so above the string tie.
  • Draw and cut out a holly leave out of the green paper. Make it about 2 inches tall. Use this to trace additional holly leaves onto the green paper and then cut them out. Do the same thing with the red paper, except use circles about 3/4 of an inch across for the Holly Berries.
  • Take your hole punch and punch one hole in each holly leave and berry.
  • String 2 Holly Leaves and Two Holly Berries on to the end opposite the tea bag. String them every other one, starting with the leaf.
  • Tie the end of the string to itself, forming a loop to hold the leaves and berries.
  • You can take your marker and write 'Mulling Spice' on one of the leaves if you'd like, but it's not necessary.
  • That's all there is too it! You can make a bunch of 'em and put them in a bowl or basket, The are great at a party next to the hot apple cider, or as a gift!

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  1. Joan@Chocolateandmore Says:

    I love this and what a great gift it would make!

  2. the Mom Says:

    Thanks! And glad you stopped by.

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