Kids Craft Kit: Christmas Family Nativity Puzzle

Posted by Sue

I ask you, is there a more family based holiday than Christmas? It’s about a family for families! Whether you consider the religious viewpoint or the Santa and Mrs. Claus viewpoint, or both–It is all about family!

I have always enjoyed both aspects of the holiday and I guess that is why I decided to do a puzzle celebrating the Christmas Family.

As you can see from the pictures it is a puzzle that is meant to be played with, but also a decoration to be displayed.
The puzzle frame is the stable and the pieces are the Babe in a manger, Mary and Joseph. There is no defined right or wrong way to decorate the puzzle some people would leave it unpainted and some will add color.

The most important part family with this craft is YOUR family. The time you spend together deciding how to decorate the puzzle and where to display it in your home will hopefully be memory making time that will be remembered each year you display it during the holiday season.

This puzzle also makes a great gift for grandparents and other loved ones. They will truly enjoy displaying your handiwork for holidays to come.

For more information on our Christmas Family Nativity Puzzle, check it out at our shop.

Have fun making Holiday family memories this Christmas season and take time to share some of your traditions with us by leaving a comment!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Have a very merry Christmas!!!

Grandma Sue :)

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