Still Need a Gift for the Mini-Chef or Artist in Your Life?

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

When I look for gifts for Alex and Soph–or anyone really–I always want it to be something special.  I love finding or putting together a gift that they’ll want to use and that they’ll remember.  Sometimes these gifts are found in shops and sometimes they are made or ‘compiled’ by me. I have so much fun finding just the right thing for my love bugs.

Since they both enjoy cooking and creating, they’ve both received homemade ‘kits’ from me in the past.  Alex loves creating contraptions out of lots of things, so one year he got a bunch of stuff for building these contraptions (you can get detail in the Mini-Artist Gift Guide).  And Grandma put together a baking kit for Soph a couple years ago…it still gets tons of use today! I’ve also gifted a pre-made craft or cooking kit or two in my day, things like beading sets and of course, Curious Chef cooking kits.

Personally, I think these types of gifts not only inspire creativity, but they also provide fun and memories.  The kids and I have so many memories of cooking and baking and we recall past experiences every time we cook together. And from season to season our home is  filled with decorations from projects from over the years, as well as the stories of their creation.

If you are looking for that special gift to spark creativity and build future family memories, we’ve created a couple of gift guides to help you out. The Mini-Chef Gift Guide is filled with ideas for those kids in your life that love being in the kitchen and the Mini-Artist Gift Guide has lots of stuff that a young artist or crafter would want.

Mini-Chef Gift Guide                    –Mini-Artist Gift Guide

Oh, and we also have our Two Kids Cooking and More Shop with our line of craft kits (designed my Grandma Sue!) and Curious Chef Cooking Kits as well as a few Cookbooks.  Plus, we’re offering 25% off all orders through Cyber Monday, just use the promo code ‘2012Holiday’ at check out. AND, all shipping over $75 is free!

Enjoy browsing the gift guides and we hope you stop by our shop!

We wish you all a magical and creative holiday season with lots of family fun!

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2 Comments For This Post

  1. Poppy Says:

    I too try to get creative gifts, and for this Xmas I got my little girl these two cool little gifts – and can’t wait to bake cookies with them :)

  2. the Mom Says:

    Oh my cuteness! Love the apron and the cookie cutters 😀 Please share pics of your pac man cookies, we’d love to see ’em!

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