Cookies & Crafts for Sandy Hook: Coffee Filter Snowflakes Craft

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

Today a bunch of us bloggers are banding together to support the families of the victims from the Sandy Hook Shootings. I myself can still not watch the news without crying–my heart goes out to the families and the Newtown Connecticut community. If you’d like to support the Sandy Hook Community Monetarily, you can get more information on donating at the  Newtown Youth and Family Services website. From our online community, some bloggers and shop owners are also donating a percentage of proceeds…see the end of this post for links to those donating.

For our craft, I decided to share our Coffee Filter Snowflakes. I wanted something that kids of a wide range of ages could do with their families.  When we made all these snowflakes for our apartment, Alex (age 13), Sophia (age 9) and I all gathered on the living room floor with scissors and a stack of coffee filters.  We had a great time folding and cutting and sharing our snowflakes with each other. Even Alex had fun making his own designs–at almost 14 years old isn’t always so into the crafts Soph and I do.  The craft is simple, but fun. And, as you can see, once you hang ’em from the ceiling it creates quite a winter wonderland in any room!

If you and your kiddies would like to create your own snowflake wonderland, here’s how we did it…

Coffee Filters
Thumbtacks (for hanging up snowflakes)

Step 1: Fold Your Coffee Filter
The first step in snowflake creation is folding your coffee filter. Fold it in half, then in half again (quarters), and again (eighths) and once more if you want (sixteenths). The smaller you fold it, the more your design is repeated around the snowflake.

Step 2: Cut Designs in Coffee Filter
Take your scissors and cut various shapes, squiggles and designs around the edges of the folded filter. Make sure to leave some edges intact to hold your snowflake together.

Step 3: Unfold
Now it’s time to unveil your awesome design!  Unfold your snowflake and be amazed at it’s beauty.

Step 4: Cut Strings
At this point you can stop if you want. You can glue your snowflakes to colored paper, or just hang them on the wall as is. BUT, if you want a winter wonderland, it’s time for cutting some strings for hanging. You can cut them as long or short as you want. Longer strings will mean the snowflakes hang lower in the room and shorter means they’ll be closer to the ceiling.

Step 5: Tie Strings to Snowflakes
Take one string per snowflake and tie it onto the flake through one of the design holes. If there are no holes, punch a little hole in the flake to stick the string through.  Don’t tie too tight or you’ll ripe the string through the filter.

Step 6: Hang Up Your Snowflakes
In our apartment, we have one of those textured ‘popcorn’ ceilings, so to hang our flakes, we used thumbtacks. If you have a more delicate ceiling, you can run strings from wall to wall, creating clothes line type strings. Then you can tie your flakes to those. If you’re using thumbtacks, just wrap the string around the tack and stick it the ceiling.  Space your flakes evenly around your room and you’ll have yourself a winter wonderland!

Happy Holidays Everyone!  Make sure to visit all the blogs participating in Cookies and Crafts for Sandy Hook…

Shops and Businesses Supporting Newtown and Sandy Hook Elementary

Please stop by all of the blogs that are participating today, sharing cookies and crafts to show our support for the families grieving the loss of loved ones in Connecticut. Thank you.

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2 Comments For This Post

  1. Lisa Says:

    Did you know that they are collecting snowflakes in Newtown to hang up in the new school? This is perfect!

  2. the Mom Says:

    I didn’t know that! We just got lucky, but I’m so glad you let us know 😀

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