Kid Crafts: Pet Treat Jar (and Pet Treats!)

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

When our previous cat, Snoopers, was still alive, we ventured into the realm of cooking treats for pets.  Snoopers was not impressed. The recipe was just one we found online, but she didn’t like it. She really didn’t like much outside of Meow Mix, though, so we just stuck with that.  Snoopers passed nearly 2 years ago, and this last summer we adopted a new kitty. Her name is Sweetie and she is very energetic. She loves playing and eating and snuggling.  Because she will eat nearly anything, we wanted to try cooking for her…so we made some cat treats from another recipe we found online.

Now, here’s the thing…Sweetie doesn’t actually like these cat treats, BUT, Sophia and I do. Yes, Soph and I have been eating all the cat treats. They taste kinda like cheez its–here’s the recipe we used. If you’re cat likes ’em, let us know. If YOU like ’em, let us know 😀

We used a smaller jar and put our ‘cat’ treats in it, but if you have a larger pet, a larger jar would work too!  Here’s what we used and did for ours:

Supplies: A jar (small for small treats, large for larger treats), markers that work on glass, stain-glass paints, felt, ribbon, glue gun.Before we even made the treats, we knew we were going to make a pet treat jar FOR the treats.

Step 1: Decorate the Jar
You can start with either the markers or the paints. You can use just markers if you prefer, or just paints. Sophia wanted to use the paints, so she painted a kitty with them.

Step 2: Prepare Lid Decorations
If you used paint on your jar, you’ll want it to dry before adding any more decoration. While it’s drying, get out your felt to decorate the lid.

First, take the seal part of your lid, place it on the felt you want to use to cover it, and trace it. Then cut it out.

Next, use other colors of felt to cut out a shape, or other shapes to decorate. Since Sweetie is a cat and likes fish, Sophia cut out a fish shape and decorated it with marker.

Step 3: Glue on Lid Decorations
First glue the circle of felt to the lid seal part using hot glue.  Make sure an adult supervises this part if younger kids are helping.

Next, glue on any additional decorations you cut out (say a bone shape for dog treats, or maybe a paw print shape…use your imagination!).

Step 4: Cut Ribbon for Lid Edging
Next, Cut a piece of ribbon to glue around the edge of the lid, ring.  Make sure it’s long enough so once it’s glued, you can tie a bow!

Step 5: Glue Ribbon to Lid Edge
When you glue your ribbon to the edge of the lid, start by gluing the center of the ribbon first, you want to make sure that you leave enough of an edge on both sides for that bow 😀

Step 6: Add Words to Jar
Next, take out one of your glass markers and write on your jar (if you want, this step is optional).  Sophia wrote, ‘Cat Treats,’ cuz we are using it for cat treats, and ‘Sweetie’, cuz that’s our cat’s name.  She decorated up the text with some fancy dots, but you can write whatever and however you choose.

Step 7: Fill your Jar with Treats
We used the Cheesy Cat Treats we made for Sweetie to fill our Pet Treat Jar. BUT you could use any treat they like, store bought our home made. If you have a recipe you know your pet loves, please share it with us–we are on a mission to find a treat recipe our cat will eat!

Step 8: Screw on Lid
Once the jar is filled, place the lid on top and tighten it up. You can wrap it up and put it under the tree for your pet, our just place it in their special treat area…either way, they are gonna love it!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

P.S. Do you get your pet a gift during the holidays?

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