Kids Craft: DIY Holiday Gifts for Pets

Posted by Danielle

I am sitting here listening to Christmas music and thinking, "I really need to start my holiday gift idea list!" I have lots of ideas already, especially for my family members, but what about our 4-legged family members? Our furry companions who greet us each morning with a cuddle and a kiss; the kitties and dogs or fish or guinea pigs or birds….they deserve a little holiday loving, too! I want my pet to know how much I love him! There are some fantastic ideas on the web for us to create together; join me!

This first gift idea is adorable. A fun toy for your kitty courtesy Martha Stewart.
I love this cat craft. It is super easy, has minimal supplies and it’s fun! You can use any color of wool/felt and string. Remember to ask for help with the iron–A helpful family member can assist with the hot iron or if you should need help with a scissor.

Next I found a nifty treat for your dog or cat….or any little furry friend that might enjoy a toy!
Do you have any fleece scraps hiding in your craft bin? If not, fleece is inexpensive and comes in a variety of colors and prints. This site shows you how to make cool pet toys with soft fleece. I love the braided tug rope. My dog will be so excited!

This last pet gift project is the best! All pets eat food, and most pet food bags/containers are unattractive and inefficient. Check out this fabulous website for making your own personalized pet food receptacle!
You can use any empty reusable container in any size. If you have a big pet, a huge container will suffice. If you have a pet fish, you might consider using a small clean container. It is so much fun to decorate and personalize your pet’s special food container! You could also use this container to store your pet’s toys.

There are so many more ideas for holiday pet gifts than I have mentioned. Here is the awesome pin I found on Pinterest that has 25 ideas for pet gifts.

I know you will find something that will make your lovely pet smile. You might have your own unique ideas, too. If this is the case, please share them with us! I think I am going to fill up my personalized pet food container with some delicious homemade dog treats!

Happiest Holidays to you and your family!

Aunt Dani

P.S. Do you get your pet(s) a gift for the holidays? What is it?

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