Kids Crafts: Easy Holiday Decorating for All Ages!

Posted by Danielle

I have tons of memories that include making crafts and ornaments with my family. We are all a crafty bunch and family time is sure to include fabric, wood scraps, sand paper, paint, glue….you name it! Everyone does their own thing with basic instruction and there is no shortage of laughter! My mom’s house is filled with those memories and it is the best part of going home, to see our artwork all over the place!

The holidays present an amazing opportunity to gather together, armed with crafty goodness, and create cool stuff!! I realize that families come in lots of ages and ranges in ability, so I have included something for everyone here. It is all fun to do and I can assure you that a great time will be had by all, just don’t forget to have a snack table nearby!

This past weekend I visited a department store to see the decorations and all the sparkly beauty. Do you know what I saw? Paper chains made with shiny paper hanging all over in various sizes! What a fabulous idea to do at home with the family. The best part of this craft is the easy factor. You can use any paper in any color. You could use blue and silver for Hanukkah, red and green for Christmas or any other color for a celebration of your choice!

The directions for paper chains are simple and use only two things: paper and glue… great is that? You will need some pre-cut pieces of paper of your choice. Old wrapping paper scraps are great to recycle. Cut your paper into strips, grab a glue stick and you’re ready for action. This activity is perfect for small children to practice using glue as well as hand-eye coordination technique. Paper chains are also fun because the result is instant, no waiting involved!

I remember stringing popcorn and cranberries with my sisters every Christmas. It took time and patience, but the result was so pretty strung on our tree. And the birds had a treat to eat when the tree came down! All you have to do is pop some corn and buy a bag of cranberries, grab some thread and a needle and let the stringing begin! Alternatively, if you don’t believe in using food as art, you can string festive, colourful beads to string around the house or the tree. If you are using a needle to string, be careful and ask for help threading it!

One more craft idea to tackle is some paper folding! I taught preschool for awhile at a Jewish Temple and I learned lots of cool things about Hanukkah. Dreidel is a spinning top game that is played during Hanukkah; here is a link to a template so you can make one and play, too! The traditional dreidel is a spinning top that reminds Jews of the time when Greek armies controlled the Holy Land and outlawed the study of the Torah, according to Jewish website Jewish children going into the woods to study the Torah would take along small, spinning tops to pull out in case the enemy appeared. The tops would help them pretend they were only playing games.

There are so many holiday crafts to make as you gather together! All you have to do is rummage through your bits and bobs of fabric, paint, paper, glue, etc. and be inspired!!  We hope that you’ll share your holiday creations with us at our Facebook page, or at one of our Linky Parties.

Happy Holiday Crafting Everyone!

Aunt Dani

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