Kids Crafts: Make Sparkly Glue Gun Icicle Ornaments

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

Here in Minnesota, when you you hear winter, you think cold, snow and ice. And, being a Minnesotan my whole life, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Of course it is only December, early in the freezing season…by February, my story is usually different ūüėÄ ¬†BUT, during the holidays,¬†especially¬†Christmas, if there is no snow, well, it’s just not Christmas. ¬†All that glittery snow and sparkly icicles makes the most beautiful holiday scenery–and that is what inspired this craft.

We knew we wanted to make some thing sparkly like snow or ice, and our brainstorming led us to icicles. ¬†We thought of lots of different things to try, but this one ended up being the most sparkle-tastic in our opinions. If you want to make your very own glittery icicles for your holiday decorating, here’s how you do it.

What you’ll need:
Wax Paper
Hot Glue
Clear Glitter
A pencil
Fishing line or thread to use for the hanger

Step 1 – Draw Your Icicle Shape on Wax Paper
Tear out a piece of wax paper. Take your pencil and draw out an icicle shape. In the pic we used marker, but it’s best to use pencil, the wax paper will stick a bit when you remove it and so will the dark marker lines. ¬†We made ours about 4 or so inches long, wider at the top and tapering, kinda like a carrot shape.

Step 2 – For Your Glue Icicle
This is best left to an older child. Soph and Alex are very glue gun savvy, and at ages 9 and almost 14, I let them use it all the time. If you assistant is younger, you’ll want to help them glue. ¬†Basically, just add a layer of glue within the boundaries of the shape you drew. Add more layers at the wider end of the icicle so it tapers off from the side again, essentially like a carrot. Carrots and icicles are very similar in shape. ¬†You’ll want to move fairly quickly so the glue doesn’t dry.

Step 3 – Add Glitter
Next, the kiddies can sprinkle some glitter over the still tacky icicle shapes. Let it sit for a minute to harden and set. And to let the glue cool down before starting the next side.

Step 4 – Remove Excess Glitter and from Wax Paper
Once your icicles are cool and hardened, pour the excess glitter off of them back into the jar. Then, peel them off of the wax paper. ¬†The paper will rip and some of it will stick to the icicle. Remove as much as you can, but the paper is clear as well and a little left on doesn’t hurt the final appearance.

Step 5 – Add More Glue to Side 2 of the Icicle
Set the icicle, glitter side down, onto the wax paper. Add more glue to the unglittered side, forming a ‘half-carrot’ just as you did initially. If the icicle is moving around a lot, you can hold it for this step, just be sure not to get glue on your fingers…it’s hot and burns!

Step 6 – Add More Glitter
When side two is covered with glue sprinkle on some more glitter. Let it sit and cool again before removing the excess glitter.

Step 7 – Add the Hanger
If you want to hang your icicle on a Christmas tree, or from a hook in the window, or from where ever you want really, you need a hanger.  We used some old fishing line, but you could use any sort of light colored string. Cut out a piece of your fishing line or string and tie it into a loop.  Then add some hot glue to the top of your icicle and stick the hanger in (see pic).  You can also dip it back into some glitter to cover up the glue.

Once your glue is completely dry, you are ready to adorn your holiday tree with your very own Sparkly Glue Gun Icicle Ornament!

Happy Family Holiday Crafting Everyone!

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  1. Trish - Mom On Timeout Says:

    This is sooo creative! Pinning right now! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. the Mom Says:

    Glad you like it, thanks for stopping by!

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