Six Holiday Recipes for the Whole Family – Kid-Cooking and -Eating Friendly!

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

If your looking for some fun ways to cook up some family fun this holiday season, We have a bunch of festive recipes we’ve come up with over the years. Today we re-share six recipes that are family-friendly, from the prep and cooking all the way to the eating.

Chocolates and Lollipops:
Alex and Soph love sneaking chocolate chips. This lead to us using Chocolate Fruit dip in molds to create cute molded chocolates. And the lollipops are adapted from one of Barbara Beery’s cookbooks.  They make perfect gifts or treats for a holiday party.

Christmas Tree Cheeseball:
We are cheese lovers here at the Two Kids household…at least all of us except Alex…he only likes white cheese.  That means this cheeseball, in a fancy Christmas tree shape, is one that all of us love. Decorating the tree with the olives and making it green with the crushed green tortilla chips is real holiday fun 😀

Christmas Sandwiches with Veggies:
Sometimes holiday foods can get a bit on the sugary, not so healthy side of things.  I know there are lots of creative ways to make healthy food look cute and Christmas-y, but if you need a quick way to a healthy holiday sandwich, just whip out those cookie cutters ;D  Even Alex, who is now almost 14, has fun when we make these sandwiches; picking out which shape–angel, or snowman, or maybe I can get two crosses.  Simple but fun and healthy.

Alex and Sophias Perogies:
Alex and Soph’s dad is 100% Polish. When we were married, I learned how to make perogies from his sister and mom, in their families tradition.  I changed revised the pasta dough making, moving it from the table top to the foodprocessor (much neater), but the filling and compilation is still the same.

Despite the fact that the kids dad and I are no longer married, I still cook many of those traditional foods I learned from my former Mother- and Sisters-in-Law. Food is not only nourishment, it is tradition and this is one of those recipes I hope they ( and I) share with their spouses and kids when the time comes.

Reindeer Treats (aka almond bark covered puff corn, pretzels, peanuts and M&Ms):
This recipe was inspired by a call from the kids Grandpa, my Dad. My dad is a retired teacher who still loves substitute teaching. At a recent gig subbing, he encountered a tasty treat in the teachers lounge. It was memorable enough for him to provide me with an ingredient list.  I changed it up a bit and it became Reindeer Treats. And, I will say that it is amazingly addictive.

Ham and Cheese Breakfast Bake:
We originally created this recipe for our Two Kids Cooking TV Christmas web show last year. It’s an great make ahead breakfast that you can stick in the fridge overnight and pop in the oven while you’re opening gifts.  And, in our 2 Kids style, it’s pretty easy and kid cooking friendly, so they can help make it on Christmas even to get them to stop thinking about Santa’s arrival ;D

Now, we have a few other Holiday Gift Ideas, too, and you can check them out at their respective pages, or just check out our Kids Christmas Recipes Page, there are a few additional recipes we didn’t re-share yet on there.

Holiday Gifts from the Kitchen Ideas:

We hope you all have a family-filled holiday season,

P.S. Do you have traditional holiday recipes that you make with your family–what are they?

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