Kids Cooking: Make Your Own Colorful Bath Salts for a Valentines Gift

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

I love taking a nice, relaxing bath…who doesn’t, right?  Bubble bath’s and fizzies and salts, they are things I love to include to make my bath time more fun.  I know that Sophia agrees with me, and although Alex won’t admit it, when he does take a bath (rather than a manly shower) he likes some bubbles ;D

Now, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and bath ‘stuff’ is always a great gift for a valentine who loves a nice soak.  So, when we were perusing through some of our cookbooks, we decided to give this Bath Salt recipe from Barbara Beery’s Spa Princess Cookbook a try. These bath salts are so simple, even a toddler can do some helping!

If you want to try ’em, you can get the book for full details, but here’s some highlights of what we did to make ours 😀

What You Need:

-Epsom Salts
-Flavored Drink Mix Envelopes
-Food Coloring
Barbara Beery’s Spa Princess Cookbook

To make them, we put our epsom salts into a plastic zipper bag, then added the other ingredients.  Then you just squish it all together in the bag—seriously, even a very young child can help with that part cuz squishing is easy and fun!

Here are pics of Soph doing her thing with this crafty recipe:

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