Kids Crafts and Cooking: Make Your Own Lavender Body Oil

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Last week we shared our recipe for Rosemary Infused EVOO….this week we’re also infusing some oil, but it’s for your body, not our belly 😀  I love the scent of lavender (apparently I cannot spell it consistently or correctly as you can see in the pic), but I still love the scent 😀  I have lots of lavender scented lotions and body washes and candles and I even made a Gluten Free Lavender Beer when I first started brewing beer. Soooo, I though let’s do some of that fancy lavender infused body oil…the kids can help decorate the jar and make the oil–plus, what a great Valentines gift 😀

The process is very similar to the EVOO with the Rosemary, except no blanching and we used grapeseed oil. The step-by-step of our process follows.  I’ll tell you this, it is super easy and the oil smells so good! You could use whatever scent you prefer–rose, mint, vanilla, jasmine, etc…–and it’s pretty cool to decorate a jar and fill it with some fancy schmancy spa-like body oil that was custom made by you!

If you decide to make your own custom scented oil, here’s what we did to get our Lavender Oil:

Stuff You Need –
To decorate our Jar (which we purchased on sale after Christmas at Michael’s), we used paint for glass, paint brushes and a metallic scrapbook marker. We kept ours simple with just a sparkly paint and one marker, but you could use as much decoration and color as you want.

For the infused oil we used Grape seed oil and dried, food-grade lavender flowers.

First, Decorate Your Jar – 

Step 1: Marker Decoration – 
Use the marker to draw outlines of hearts or flowers, or whatever you’d like. We drew hearts around the top and bottom edge of our jar.  We also used the marker to label our jar with the works ‘Lavendar Infused Body Oil.’

Step 2: Paint Decoration –
Paint in your outlines with your paints. We used a translucent,  sparkly  white to fill in our hearts–nice and simple. Again, you can paint as much or as little as you want.

Second, Infuse your Oil – 

Step 1: Heat Your Oil –
Add enough grape seed oil to fill your jar into a sauce pan. Heat it on medium heat until it is just hot, not boiling, but hot to the touch.

Step 2: Add Flowers –
Pour the dried flowers into the oil.  We used about 1/2 cup for our approximately 2 cups of oil.

Step 3: Let Sit and Infuse –
Once you’ve added the flowers, remove the oil from the heat, cover and let it sit for a couple of hours until cool.

Step 4: Strain – 
Once the oil has cooled completely, take a strainer and pour the oil through it into another container to remove all of the flowers.

Third, Add to Jar – 

Step 1: Pour Your Oil in Your Jar – 
Take a funnel and place it in the mouth of your jar. Then pour in your oil.  If you end up with less than enough to fill your jar, you can supplement by adding additional grape seed oil.  If you have too much, add it into a different jar for your own use 😀

Step 2: Cork and Give!
Finally, stick the cork in your jar (or put whatever cover you have on your jar).  If you spilled any oil on the outside, clean it off and then get it ready for giving as a valentine (or other holiday) gift.

Happy Valentines Everyone!

P.S. Have you ever made a bath or spa recipe? Share it in the comments if you have!

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