Valentines Recap: Valentines Ideas for the Family

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

This week is Valentine’s week and we’ve seen sooo much cute stuff, particularly on Pinterest, that I though I should share our favorites with you.  My favorites are those ideas that I thought would be good for making with the kids. Age appropriateness varies, but these are all family-friendly recipes and crafts that we think are super cute!

From – Heart Milk Cubes
These cute heart cubes are easy to make and would but a smile on any valentine. Our heart-shaped ice cube trays have been used for everything from bath fizzies to compound butter this year and now we can’t wait to try out these cute ice cubes.

From – Heart Shaped Borax Crystals
This one reminds us of our own Mad Kitchen Science post on How to Make Your Own Crystals, but they got even more creative and made hearts!  Once your crystals are finished, you have some sparkly Valentine’s decoration, too.

From – Chocolate Strawberry Dip
Strawberry’s are a go to fruit in this house and Alex and Sophia love them with chocolate. When I saw this tasty looking dip it’d be right up their alley’s. And, the recipe is perfect for a mini-chef to whip up on their own, or with an adult assistant.

From – Easy Sparkly Heart Garland
Sophia and I love anything that sparkles. We have some much glitter we could supply a small army for a year…if an army needed glitter ;D  So, of course this sparkly Valentine garland caught my eye as something I had to show Soph.  Plus, it’s a pretty simple craft that even the jr. crafters in the house will have fun with while making their own.

From – Clifford the Dog Valentine Heart Craft
This craft has special meaning for me cuz when Alex was little, he absolutely LOVED clifford.  His bedroom was Clifford themed, he had a Clifford costume for Halloween–we even named our dog ‘Cliffy’ after Clifford (Cliffy is a girl dog, and that was our attempt at feminizing the name. She still lives with the kids at their dad’s house).  Anyway, this craft is great for the kiddies!

From – Homemade Mini-Heart Pizzas
This family is a pizza loving family. If you have checked out our recipes, you’ll see there are few varieties of pizza in there and that is because pizza is fun! It’s one of those recipes that everyone can get involved with and can be completely customized for even super picky eaters.  And this one is super cute with the heart-shaped pepperoni’s…we love it!

From – Crayon and Water Color Hearts
This heart craft is great for even really young artists.  If they can’t write words, they can draw a pic and do their water color over it, an adult assistant can help with the writing if necessary.  I just love multimedia art with water color, Soph does a lot of them and they are some of my favorites.

Now these are just a few of all the Valentine ideas we’ve been pinning (and continue to pin!).  We have lots more cool stuff on our Valentine’s Day Pinterest Board for families with kids of all ages, so please stop by and check out the board.

You can also check out our Two Kids Valentines Recipes and Two Kids Valentine’s Crafts right here!

What are some of your favorite Valentine ideas from around the inter-webs?

Happy Valentines Everyone!

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