A St. Patrick’s Day Celebration!

Posted by Danielle

We'll post pics of the wand once we've moved to our new house :D

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, that emerald green holiday filled with shamrocks and all things Irish. Of course, you certainly don’t have to be Irish to celebrate this day filled with tradition and fun. I have discovered some interesting facts about St. Patrick’s Day, as well as some easy and cheerful craft ideas. By the way, Aunt Dani never forgets to add a sweet treat idea, too! Put your green St. Patty’s day socks on and let’s get started….

Did you know that St. Patrick was born in Britain? He wasn’t even born in Ireland! He was taken as a teenager to Ireland to tend sheep against his will. He was deeply involved in Christianity, became an ordained priest and centuries later was honored as the patron Saint of Ireland.

Some of the traditions and customs regarding St. Patrick’s day are loads of fun. There are many parades to attend and tons of green colored food to feast on. Everywhere you look there are shamrocks, leprechauns and people spreading the luck o’ the Irish. I thought it might be fun to create our very own Shamrock wand to spread good cheer. Here are some ideas for you to get started on this sparkly green adventure:

Materials: Paint stir stick or a long twig or stick that you found outside, green paint, green and gold glitter, Green felt, green cardstock or construction paper, a scissors and green ribbon. You will also need glue to stick all of this lovely green goodness together!

Step 1 – Paint your want:
I painted my wand green and sprinkled some glitter on it to make it all sparkly.

Step 2 – Cut your Shamrocks:
While my wand was drying, I cut two shamrocks out of construction paper and 2 slightly smaller shamrocks out of green felt. I glued the felt shamrocks on top of the paper ones to make them extra special. It is best to allow the shamrocks to dry for about ten minutes.

Step 3 – Finish Your Wand:
After your wand and shamrocks are dry it is time for construction! Glue the shamrocks back to back with the wand between them.

Now you have a St. Patrick’s Day magical wand, just add some green ribbon if you like!

After using up your creative energies it’s time to make some St. Patty’s Day treats. One of my all time favorite treats to make any day of the year is a smoothie. Why? Because everyone can choose their own ingredients…..yay! Let’s make an emerald shake together.

Here are some ingredients that you could use for a green goodness smoothie:
lime sorbet
fresh mint
honeydew melon
anything green that sounds yummy!

Ask a helpful adult for some assistance in the kitchen; it is always more fun with help! You’ll need a blender and some glasses and maybe a fancy green straw if you have one. Just simply add whatever ingredients you are using along with some ice and blend away. In a few seconds, a delicious emerald smoothie will be ready for you to enjoy!

So there you have it, a few ideas to start you off on your St. Patrick’s Day celebration. If you are throwing a party, don’t forget to make cool green hats for all of your guests and hang up green shamrock garland! Just think of all the nifty decorations you could have. Go crazy with green and have a fantastic St.Patrick’s Day!!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
Aunt Dani

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