Kids Craft: Easter Bunny Place Holders

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

This year Easter is really the holiday that is not for us. With the move and the fact that the kids are at their dad’s for Easter, well, we’ve not really had time to enjoy the holiday. BUT, last year, we had Easter dinner at our place and Grandma and Soph made these adorable place holders for all of our guests. They are super cute and the perfect activity for the crafty kiddies!

Here’s how you can make your very own super cute, place holders for Easter dinner:

What you need –
White Paper or cardstock (we just used plain old white paper), markers, cotton balls, glue and a scissors.

Step 1: Cut out Placeholder –
Just cut out a rectangular shape, about 4 x 3 inches.  We were not exact and just cut freehand, but if you are a more precise type, measure ’em out and cut on the lines.

Step 2: Draw Your Bunny Face –
We stuck with simple black and pink for our bunny, but you could get as colorful as you’d like. Just draw some eyes and a nose…maybe even a tongue like Soph did.  Oh, and don’t forget to add one of your guests names!

Step 3: Glue On Cotton Balls –
You only need two cotton balls. Cut one in half for the ears.  Once you’ve cut it, stretch it out a bit to make it more bunny ear like.  Glue them to the top of the place holder where the ears should go.  The take the other full cotton ball and glue it to the back where the bunny tail should be.  You’ll want to pull it out a bit, too, so it acts as a ‘stand’ of sorts to hold the placeholder up.

Step 4: Color in your Ears –
Your bunnies ears…not yours 😀  Just take some pink marker and color in the center of the Ear cotton balls. You don’t have to, but it’s a nice touch.

That’s it!  Just place your adorable bunny next to each guests plate.  Remember to stretch out the bunny’s tail to help stand up the placeholder if it get’s tippy.

Do you have any special things you make for your Easter meal? Share ’em with us!


Happy Easter Everyone!

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