Kids Easter Craft: Easter Sparkle Rain Globes

Posted by Sue

Snow globes are fun to make, but this time of year we’re all sick of the snow and it is almost Easter, which means spring–Sooo, we’re making Sparkle Rain Globes!  I wish Sophia had been here to help me make these, they are a fun craft for an older kid to help with and I know she would’ve love helping her Grandma ;D

What You Need:
For the container part of our globes, we used a small glass jar with a tight fitting lid to make our globes.  For the ‘sparkle rain’ we used glitter, of course!  You’ll also need a glue gun or epoxy glue, water and some glycerin. Oh, and don’t forget a cute bunny or duck, or other waterproof item to glue inside.

Here’s the steps I took to make our Sparkle Rain Globes:

1.) Rough up the inside of the cover of your jar a little bit before gluing your object inside.

2) Glue you object to the lid. We chose the small rubber ducks but they were a bit large for our jar I think. Plastic objects will work too or even a photo if you laminate it first. For glue, we used a glue gun to attach our ducks to the jar lid. Epoxy glue would work, too.

3) Next add water to your jar to within about 1/2 inch of the top.

4) Add glitter…about a 1 to 1 1/2 teaspoons.

5) Add 1 drop of glycerin. The glycerin is optional it just makes the glitter float more slowly down. If you use too much it will clump the glitter together so better to start with just a drop if you choose to use it.

6) Once the glue holding your object to the lid is completely dried to the cover, you can put it on the jar and see how it looks. This is also  the time to adjust glitter, water, and glycerin if you need to.

7) When you have the lid tightly attached and you are happy with the look I suggest running a bead of hot glue around the lip of the jar lid so it won’t come off or leak.

8) You can glue or tie some ribbon around the lid to give it a finished look.

9) Shake it up and enjoy the sparkle rain!

Happy Easter Everyone!

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2 Comments For This Post

  1. Kristen S- Craft Gossip Says:

    This craft makes me smile. I can just see my girls running to our dining room table to turn these cuteies upside down so they could see the ‘sparkle rain’ :) Just posted on Craft Gossip! Happy Easter!

  2. the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny) Says:

    So glad you liked it, thanks for sharing!

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