Kids Easter Crafts: Easter Egg Sun Catcher

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

We got the idea for this from an art project Soph did at school and have been waiting to find an application for it that would be cool. Easter, with it’s multi-colored eggs, seemed to be the perfect holiday. So, today we share our Easter Egg Sun Catchers. It’s simple enough that even the littlest crafters can help!

Honestly, you could apply this technique to just about any Holiday or shape, but here’s what you need to do to get an Easter Egg Shape!

What you need:
Colored construction paper, glue, markers, white napkins, water, string and some tape.

Step 1: Pick Your Colors –
The first step is to pick out the colors you want in your sun catcher. Sophia recommended only using a few, up to 3 or 4, because if you use more, you could end up with a muddy gray or brown sun catcher.

Step 2: Color Your Napkin-
Once you’ve got your 3 or 4 colors, it’s time to get to work.  Just take one color at a time and draw lines and squiggles with each color on your napkin (see pic). Sophia also wanted me to point out that this would be a perfect craft for even young crafters because you can just color and scribble!

Step 3: Wet Your Napkin and Let Dry-
After the color has been applied to the napkin, head over to the sink.  Turn the water on so it’s just a drizzle and get your napkin wet.  Squeeze out excess water and put it in a nice sunny place to dry…or on a heater vent like we did 😀

Step 4: Cut out your Egg-shaped Frame-
While your napkin is drying, you can prepare the frame for your colorful napkin.  For the egg shape, we folded a piece of construction paper in half and drew the outline of half an egg on it.  The Sophia cut along the outline, giving us our egg.  Then, she cut another egg shape out of that, about an inch or so away to give us an egg-shaped frame.  You can keep the egg-shaped scrap for decorating, too!

Step 5: Glue on Your Dried Napkin-
When the napkin dries, it’s time to glue it to your frame.  You can use a glue stick or white glue…anything that sticks will work.  Apply the glue to the frame part and then lay your napkin on it. Press the napkin to the frame to secure it.

Step 6: Trim Off Excess Napkin-
You can let the glue dry for a bit and then get out your scissors. Remove the excess part of the napkin from the outside frame of the egg so you just have your colorful egg sun catcher.

Step 7: Attach String-
To hang your artwork in the window so it can glow from the sun shining through it, you need to add a string.  Cut your string as long as you want and secure it to the top edge of your egg with tape.  We used masking tape because we are out of scotch tape (or perhaps it’s still in a box waiting to be unpacked from the move :D).

All that is left to do is hang your creation up to share it with the world!

Have you been busy making cool stuff for Easter?  Let us know!


Happy Easter Everyone!

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