Thoughts from the Mom: Moving and Construction

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

You know those time when you have a plan in your head how things are going to work. This like traveling for a vacation or a day of errands, or a move into a new house. Well, our move went to plan, but once we were in the house…plans changed. I was originally going to just paint the super ugly cabinets in my ‘new’ kitchen, replace the sink and countertop and get a new dishwasher. Well, the cabinets true colors came out when we started a closer inspection. Saving them would be more work then it was worth. This is mainly because my ex-husband builds cabinets for a living and for some reason decided he’d be generous and offered to build me ‘basic’ cabinets for a good price. I accepted his offer and then was without a kitchen with cabinets to unpack kitchen items into.

Then there was the basement. I knew there was a smell when we saw the place the first time, but once we moved in it had to go. This meant removing the carpet from the craft room. I’m not sure how it got there, but there was definitely a toilet overflow from the bathroom into the craft room that was not addressed. After carpet removal, cleaning and Kilzing, the odor is gone. But, still the craft room is not unpacked. At least we have the new floor in and the painting done 😀

After 4 weeks, the kitchen is almost done, it’s functional for sure and stuff is put away. The pics are from right after installation, but we do have them painted now–still no doors on the cabinets yet, but it works!

As far as the craft room goes, it will hopefully be organized soon. Then we’ll be back to cooking and crafting regularly.

Oh, and we’re also starting some seeds for the garden we are planning now that we have the space…better do that tomorrow before I wire in that outlet for the microwave…


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