Crafty Owl Creations for Everyone

Posted by Danielle

LearnCreateLove.comEverywhere I look, craft shops and clothing stores to name a few, I see owls.  One of my friends has a door knocker that is an owl!  They are cute and it turns out that owls are a popular craft item lately.  I was browsing on Pinterest this afternoon (one of my favorite things to do) and I found oodles of lovely and fun owl projects.  I chose the following ideas to share and perhaps inspire you to create your own unique owl craft!

Cute Owl Craft –
The first owl craft to make me smile was this group of paper tube owls.  I adore the variation in size; you can create an entire owl family!  Multi-colored feathers would be a great addition, as well.

Simple Baby Owl Craft –
This simple baby owl craft is easy and so cute!  It is a great opportunity for the little ones to practice sticking, using glue and filling in.  The result is a fuzzy owl that could be used as an ornament or a card for someone special.

Owl Mask Craft –
It is always fun to see what children do with a blank piece of paper, and this owl mask is their chance to create!  A simple owl template and some colorful feathers, paint and glue is all you will need.  Soon you’ll have a flock of birds parading around! (see pic above)

Pinecone Owl Craft –
The last owl craft is three dimensional thanks to the use of a pinecone.  I think it would look so fantastic hanging up around the house or maybe on your Christmas tree this winter!  Using two different sized eyes looks especially silly; let your imaginations roam.

I love seeing owls everywhere and they couldn’t be easier to turn into art projects.  There were tons of cool ideas for families to make together.  I wish I had enough space to share them all! Felt owls on pillows and owls made with hand and footprints, I was impressed.

What new ideas will you discover as the feathers and paper and paint come together?  As long as you’re laughing and having fun creating, that is all that matters!

Happy Owl Crafting Everyone!

Aunt Dani

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