Kids Crafts: Finger Weaving Pot Holders

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

So, when we lived in the apartment, every school day, Soph would go to before school care.  Alex’s school starts at 7:30 am and Soph’s doesn’t start until 9:00 am. Although I am super lucky to work from home when I have the kids, I still have to get to work by 8:30, and the apartment was 20 minutes from their school. This meant getting Alex to school by 7:30 am for starting and dropping Soph off early, at before school care, to ‘wait’ for school to start.  Getting up that early sucked for her, but she did enjoy her time at before school care. She had friends there and they’d do crafts from time to time.  Crafts like Finger Weaving 😀

Yep, we got this idea from Soph’s time in before school care. All the kids loved it though–boys and girls–so we had to share it!  There are lots of things you can make with your finger weaving, from scarfs and rugs to pot holders. Today we’re gonna show you how we make pot holders with this cool yarn craft.

What you need:
Yarn, fingers, Sewing machine.

Step 1 – Tie a Loop:
To start the actual weaving portion, you need to start with a loop. Soph just measured one a bit looser than her finger and then tied it with  a knot.

Step 2 – Prep for Weaving:
To get started, drop the loop on one of your fingers. Soph likes to user her pinking. Next, wrap the yarn around your fingers, in and out (see pic) for 2 rows.

Step 3 – Start the Weaving:
Starting with the finger you put the loop on and pull the bottom row up an over the other row. You will have new ‘loops’ on your fingers created by pulling the other loops over. Once you’ve pulled all the loops over, wrap your fingers with another row of yarn and continue the process.  Keep on going until you have the length you want.

Step 4 – Close off your Weaving:
To end your weaving project, you carefully pull off the remain loops from your fingers. Then, after cutting off the yarn, pull the end through the loops and tie another knot.  If you want to just take a break from the weaving before you reach your desired length, you can place the finger holes on pegs like Soph does. We use our hat weaving loom circles as temporary holders for the weaving (see pic).

Step 5 – Layout your Pot Holder:
Take your completed weaving lay it out so it matches how it will be for the finished Pot Holder (see pic).

Step 6 – Sew you Pot Holder Together:
This part is a bit tricky at first, but gets easier as you go. First, pick up the first few rows of weaving and start sewing them together using a zigzag stitch. As you sew, add rows. You’ll have to go slow. Once you’ve got one side done, do the other. Then, about every 1/4 inch, sew another line.  You can sew as many lines ad you want to bring the rows of weaving together.

Step 7 – Trim of Threads and Complete:
When you’ve got your pot holder all sewed up, trim off any extra thread and you are all done!

What would you make with your finger weaving?


Happy Family Crafting,


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