Kids Gardening: Starting Seedlings Indoors

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

Every year we have lived in an apartment, we’ve had a patio herb garden. This year, with our move into a house, we’re planning on having a ‘real’ garden. With that we decided we wanted to try starting some of our seedlings from seed, indoors. A few weeks back we made some of our own Seed Starter Pots and today we’re putting them to work!  We also bought some seed starter containers, just cuz we didn’t really have enough of our home made kind. And, with the move, we haven’t had lots of time.

We decided we test our seedling starting skills by growing tomatoes and flowers. Here’s how we did it:

Step 1 – Soil:
First we added soil to our pots. We kept our homemade seed starter pots in a cake pan and filled ’em to the top with soil.  With the store bought ones, they had their own tray. We filled them basically to the top as well.

Step 2 – Seeds:
Next we added our seeds. We added about 2 seeds per pot, just in case one of them doesn’t come up. We’ll have to thin them out later if both do grow, but that’s how it is.

Step 3 – Cover Seeds:
Just sprinkle a bit of dirt on your seeds and lightly press it down. For really tiny seeds, like the foxglove flower seeds we planted, ‘covering’ isn’t really necessary, just pat them down a bit.  I’ve heard the rule that only cover seeds with as much soil as the seeds are thick–with most seeds, that’s not much at all.

Step 4 – Water:
We used an 1/8 of a cup measure and poured water on each pot.  Then we added water to the bottom of the cake pan for our homemade trays; and, to the bottom tray of the store bought.  The seeds themselves need to stay moist to start germination, so keeping them watered is essential.

Step 5 – Cover:
To help promote growth and keep the top of the soil moist, cover your seedling container. We used plastic wrap with holes poked in for your homemade container.  The store bought one came with its own cover.

Step 6 – Wait:
Place your containers in a warm, sunny place and wait for them to pop up out of the ground.  It will take varying amounts of time, depending on what you planted.

That’s all there is to it! Oh, make sure to monitor your water situation, you don’t want your plants to dry out.

We’re hoping our seeds grow…we’ll post pics to Facebook when they do 😀

Do you start seeds indoors?  What are you plants are you starting indoors this year?


Happy Family Gardening Everyone!

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  1. BusyWorkingMama Says:

    We’ve tried indoor seedlings with minimal success. I think we’ve started them too early.

  2. the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny) Says:

    We’ll see how ours go…the flower seeds are coming up great, but only a few of the tomatoes so far. We’re keeping watered, in the sun and crossing our fingers 😀

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