Outdoor Fun in Spring Making Mud Pies!

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

Spring is in the air…well almost…it is supposed to snow this April 10, 2013. Yes SNOW IN APRIL!!!  Anyway, last week, before the snow, Sophia took the opportunity to get outside, explore the new neighborhood and get creative.  She rode her bike around, checking stuff out and the decided to do some exploration in the yard.  Since the ground was still snow covered during our move, the previous occupants of our house didn’t get a chance to collect all their outdoor treasures before they moved.  Apparently they didn’t know they were moving either, and left a bunch of stuff. So, we wound up with some outdoor goodies–at least in Soph’s mind.

Most of these treasures where strange lawn ornaments. The ornaments didn’t stand up well to the winter, so many of their decorative rocks and beads where falling off. Soph cataloged all of her finds and then decided it was time to put them to use as ‘sprinkles’ in her outdoor fun.

From the hole where the ‘For Sale’ sign used to be, Soph found some perfectly pliable mud–just right for making mud pies.  She formed several pies and then decorated them with the beads and rocks from her treasure hunt.  She also used some darker, loose soil and a few pieces of shrub leaves to complete her inedible culinary delights. For presentation, she used decorated cement tile, another of her treasure finds. She spent at least a couple of hours outside playing with her mud pies. I remember way back when I was a kid, making pies in our sandbox.  I always preferred mud puddle splashing when it came to actual mud, but the sandbox provided hours of fun and pie production time.

I’ll tell you this, I am so excited and thankful that we have a house in an awesome neighborhood where we can get outside and ride our bikes, explore and make mud pies.  *Happy Sigh*

I hope that you all get outside and make some mud pies of your own (or sandbox pies…whichever you prefer :D).

Do you like making mud pies? We’d love to see pics of your outdoor creations! (share ’em with us at Facebook!)


Happy Springtime!

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