Silly Monster and Ghost Party….Anytime!

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

I know…it’s spring, things are finally getting green and everything is getting beautiful. BUT, all that melting, dirt covered snow isn’t so pretty (at least in MN where Kelly, Alex, Soph and Grandma live).  The dirty melting snow kinda reminds me of monsters….and I love monsters, ghosts and all things silly. So I say, why not have a party–I think it is okay to have a monster party anytime!  I can’t wait for Halloween; it is much too far away and the weather is just right ;D.  Monsters get excited for spring and summer, the weather turns nice… is a perfect time to do the Monster-Mash dance in the park.  I found some fun activities on the web for us to have an awesome and silly get-together.  Won’t you join me?

Pac-Man Halloween Garland by
You can invite as many friends as you like or keep it simple with family.  Let’s start with some decorations, shall we?  I found these adorable Pac-Man ghost garlands awhile back and I knew they would show up at a fun party!  They are easy to make and you can make the ghosts in any color.

You should definitely save these cute little ghost-men after the monster bash is over.  They might look good hanging up in your room!

Frozen Boo-Nana Pops from
You’ll need to keep your energy up during the festivities; why not make these adorable ghost banana pops!  They are super-cute and healthy, too.  What’s not to love?

You can make these in advance to serve all of your friend-monsters!

Tattle Monster by
After your snack-attack, it’s time for another nifty monster craft.  A tattle monster!  Of course, you can call it any kind of creature you want.  This is such a great project because of all the ways you can decorate it….paint, stickers, colored paper pieces, googly eyes, pipe cleaners for antennae….go crazy with your imaginations!

Your tattle monster can hang out on a shelf in the house and add a little silliness to your life!

Monster Cookies from
Now for the grand finale of monster fun… cookies!  It is such fun to decorate cookies and it’s an activity that everyone can do.  It is a good idea to have the “blank slate” cookies prepared in advance so you and your guests can get to the fun stuff right away.

Make sure to have plenty of sprinkles, frosting, chocolate chips, etc. on hand so a wide variety of monster cookies can be created.  Everyone can leave with a little party bag of cookies to take home and share!

 There are plenty of other ideas to add to a monster-themed party; here are a few suggestions if you want to get fancy:  have your guests wear silly costumes, listen to silly music that makes you laugh or your favorite CD ( music makes everything more fun!) and maybe a funny movie or cartoon that makes you giggle…..I love Sponge-Bob!  He makes me laugh all the time!  This party is all about fun and friends, so let loose and let the monster bash begin!

Happy Spring Monster Party!

Aunt Dani

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  1. Florence Keenan Says:

    The Pacman party garland was quite the find. Definitely don’t throw that away! Love those ghost banana pops!

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