Make Your Own Fairy Wand

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So, we’ve been in sort of a Fairy mood lately, which you might have gathered from our recent fairy-themed recipe–Fairy’s Delight: Cranberry Poached Pears.  This magical craft was actually inspired by a walk when we were dog-sitting my brother and his wife’s dog, Buzz.  As we walked past the little mini-park near our house, Sophie found a branch that had fallen from a tree.  She picked it up and informed me we were keeping it because she had some ideas for it.  She get’s this knack for collecting things like tree branches, rocks and leaves from her Grandma Sue. I know that Grandma has a least a few pieces of tree that she’s had for many years.  Eventually she does make cool things with these little treasures that some would just discard and Sophia does, too.

With the branches however, I was also inspired.  I asked Soph if she could spare a branch or two for a Fairy wand, and she said, ‘Yes! Can I make one, too?’  So that night we got to work, here’s how me made our very own, sparkly fairy wands.

What you need:

  • A stick, any thing you find outside is fine. Just make sure you can hold it in your hand, you don’t want it to be, too large.
  • Scraps of ribbon
  • Scraps of fabric
  • Silk flowers and leaves
  • beads and thread
  • glitter
  • pipe cleaner
  • any scraps of cool stuff you might want to use.

Step 1 – Prep Your Stick:
Before you decorate it, you’ll want to cut your stick to size and snip (or keep) as many smaller branches as you’d like.  Soph left more branches on and I just kept a couple shorter ones on mine. It’s really up to you.

Step 2 – Wrap Your Stick:
You do not have to wrap your stick.  I wrapped mine all the way up with a flower wire and Soph wrapped parts of hers with ribbons.  For me, the ribbon was a base and I recommend doing it first.  You could use ribbon, which you’d have to secure the ends with glue, or something with wire in it that holds without glue.

Step 3 – Add flourishes:
Once you’ve got the main body of your wand covered, it’s time to add flourishes like flowers, bows and beads.  Sophia added feathers, flowers, beads and flowing ribbons to hers.  I added a few simple bows and some strings of beads to each tip of mine.  You can get as elaborate or simple as you want–it’s your fairy wand so it should reflect your personality.

Step 4 – Make it Sparkle:
This step is also optional, but since we love glitter and sparkle, Soph and I both added glitter to our wands.  First we squeezed on some hot glue and then sprinkled on some clear glitter.  You could use plain old white glue as well, it would just take a bit longer to dry.  I ended up using more glitter thank Soph, but we both added a bit to make ’em sparkle.

Here are some pics of the wands we made…it was hard for me to photograph the full Fairy wands, but these photos give you an idea of just how cool they are:

Sophia had a friend over the night after we made them and after seeing ’em, she wanted to make one, too. Unfortunately I didn’t get a pic, but she did her’s with a fall theme, lots of silk leaves and fall colored ribbon.  Even Alex got in on the action, making more of a Harry Potter style wand wrapped with twine, but still a wand–he wouldn’t let me take a picture and I’m sure would never admit to it, but Soph and I witnessed it ;D

It was a lot of fun to design our own wands and we have them as a spring centerpiece on our table right now.  Next time you’re out for a walk and see a stray stick in the grass, pick it, bring it home and get your fairy on–when you do, let us know, we’d love to see you’re fairy wand design!

Happy Fairy Crafting!

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