Plants for Mom on Mother’s Day

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

Mother’s day is tomorrow.  If your still in need of something special to show mom how much you care, or, even if you have a gift, and want to just add another fun something for Mom this is one quick and easy idea for you.  All you need to make a personalized flower pot for mom is a container big enough for a plant and some paints.  Then, if you want to add a plant, you’ll need a plant, some rocks and some soil.

Here’s how we made ours:

1) Pick and Paint Your Container –
The first step is to decorate your container. We have lots of clay flower pots from herb planting previous years, so we cleaned up one of those and the Soph went to work painting.  Now, you can use any kind of wide mouth container you want, you just have to select a plant that’s appropriate.

Some things that might work as your container are:

  • wide mouth canning jar
  • cleaned up wide mouth salsa jar
  • an old, plain soup bowl
  • a large old coffee cup

Be creative in your container selection, lots of non-flower pot things can be decorated and made into pretty cute flower pots.

2) Pick Your Plant
If you want to add a plant to your container, you’ll have to go to the store.  Maybe take mom with to pick the plant out, or you could have another adult go with you to the store and pick one for her.

3) Plant you Plant
Once you’ve picked out the perfect plant, it’s time to get it in your decorated container:

-First, add some rocks to the bottom of your container.  This is to stop soil from getting out the drainage hole in the bottom of flower pots. But, if you used a ‘hole-less’ container, it will also help with drainage in the soil of your plant. Extra water will flow through the dirt into the rocks so the plant doesn’t get too wet, but can draw on the extra water in the rocks later–almost like a self-watering pot.

-Next, fill your pot with soil.  You can use a potting soil from the store, or take it from outside.  Potting soil is best because it’s lighter and absorbs water best. We used some dirt from one of our herb posts from last year, which is a combination of potting soil and compost.

Once your pot is full of soil, dig a spot in the middle for your plant with your hands.

When your hole is ready, plop in your plant and fill the edges with more soil.

That is it…quick and easy.  Plus, if you want, you can even have mom help…I love doing stuff with my kiddies on Mother’s Day. It reminds me that I am the luckiest Mom in the world!

Happy Mother’s Day Everyone!

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