Thoughtful Gift Ideas for the Matriarch of Your Family (Pass Article Along to Your Kids)

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It seems with each year, the options for gift giving lessen as your creative juices are almost squeezed to the rind. So many people, so many holidays … it’s hard to keep up. The next one, though, is for your mom and this, my friend, might be the most important holiday of the year. May 12 is Mother’s Day.

Your parents are very different from other parents and they are often world’s apart from you. While you may revel in the thoughtfulness of personalized towels, your mom … she’s been there and done that. She’s over it and would like something that fits her lifestyle. Not yours and not your dad’s. Hers.

Get the feeling you’ve exhausted the random owl knick knack or meaningful birthstone necklace idea? This year and for every year to come, take a look at your matriarch in a new and entirely different light.

It Gets Better With Age

When you were growing up, it was all casseroles and crock pots. Have you noticed lately that your mother has refined her palate a bit and turns to bagels and lox for breakfast instead of biscuits and gravy? She chooses tuna tartar as an appetizer in lieu of potato skins.

Show her you’ve noticed her shift to gourmet and order her a cheese of the month club from New York City’s Murray’s cheese shop. Or, subscribe her to Bon Appetit magazine and ship her one of the wine gift baskets by FTD. This will certainly remind her that things get better with age. And that you are certainly the most thoughtful of the children.

Full Steam Ahead

Taking charge of the treadmill — that’s what this mom is all about. She knows the importance of keeping healthy and in shape and will stop at nothing to keep moving. Bye-bye Ms. Fonda, there are new systems in town to get her booty shakin’. Whether you get her the newest pair of Adidas ClimaCool Seduction running shoes, a stainless steel water bottle that is BPA-free and recyclable or the Nutribullet for all of her juicing pleasures, just noticing that she’s taking charge of her body (and future) will put an extra skip in her step.

A very important note: If she does not workout, do not by any means get her anything fitness.

The Adventurer

A life experience can outweigh any tangible gift for the mom that loves adventure. Bucket lists are very popular as the aging want to live life to its fullest. Take your mom on a hot air balloon ride. Journey together on a weekend getaway for the luxury spa treatment in the mysterious red rocks of Sedona, Arizona. Or, get her surfing lessons — if that’s something she wants to do. Take the old adage, "Calgon, take me away," to a different level.

The Thinking Woman

Notice that your mom is going through books faster than ever? While she might enjoy her trips to the library, the perfect gift for the reader is a Kindle (and a super soft blanket). She might say to you, "But I like the feel of the actual book in my hands. I like to turn the pages," but this feeling will pass.

Any book lover will appreciate having access to almost any book at any time. And there are always stores and libraries to visit from time to time that can give the vintage feel of reading a real book. If you decide on an electric reading device of any kind, be sure to make yourself available for instruction.

Happy Mother’s Day!

by guest author Lauren Rose

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