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A backyard is more than just a lawn, trees and shrubbery. It should be your family’s alfresco sanctuary, and it should be beautiful. A lush and vibrant landscape can be your mental escape—whether you’re basking in the sun on a lounge chair with a good piece of literature, or admiring the beauty of your nature by peering through your window coverings at the break of dawn.

With some DIY creativity, you can enhance the splendor of your landscape even more with a wrought-iron flower bed. A real, literal flower bed will charm your landscape and give your home’s exterior even more personality.

Build and design a flower bed by following these steps:

  • Find an antique wrought-iron, brass or wooden bed frame on Craigslist, eBay or a garage sale. A vintage or gothic iron bed frame will create a romantic and shabby-chic look. A wooden bed frame provides more creative freedom. The whole family can paint the wood something bold like a canary yellow or turquoise or multi-colored, whatever you want to make an aesthetic statement in your landscape. Also, I recommend spraying the bed frame with a sealant to protect your garden bed from natural elements and keep it in good condition.
  • Older kids can help tighten the bed’s legs, rails, headboard and footboard using a screwdriver or wrench. The frame should have a secure construction so that it can be a solid structure in the ground and withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • The family can brainstorm to identify the location of your flower bed, such as nestled in the corner among evergreens and perennials shaded underneath a tall oak tree. Make sure the ground is leveled by having everyone help shovel excess soil and high areas. Use the extra soil and earth to fill in low spots; rake the area so that it’s evenly spread out.
  • Set the bed frame over the newly level ground exactly where you want it to be permanently positioned. If your bed has removable legs, remove them. Otherwise, measure holes around each bed leg, and then remove the bed frame. Dig four holes in those circles. Holes should be deep enough so that the railings rest on the ground, and the legs are non-visibly in the ground. Return the bed to its designated spot, adjust the depths of the holes accordingly, fill holes with dirt and pack tightly.
  • Have everyone help scoop gardening soil into the bed frame. To grow a full and effervescent flower garden, fill soil up to 2 inches above the bed railings. Next, have fun planting a variety of colorful plants and flowers. Go for a chaotic floral design by indiscriminately planting flower varieties, such as raspberry Echinaceas, tangerine Daylilys and violet sage. You can also replicate a bed quilt by planting different perennials of similar hues, or planting petunias, tulips and roses in patterns that look like patchwork.

Written by Amanda West
A yogi, gardener and strong supporter of green initiatives, Amanda is a freelance writer who hails from California.

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