Father’s Day – Think Outside the Box

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father's day breakfast in bed

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Father’s Day is fast approaching and when you think about Father’s Day the usual idea is get a card and a gift for dad. But this year, why not think outside the box; maybe instead of a new tie or wallet or grilling stuff…. flashback to Mother’s day.

You know how mom liked breakfast in bed or the special card you made yourself..well why not do the same for dad. Who wouldn’t enjoy being treated to a special breakfast in bed? A simple menu like cereal, milk or juice, toast some fruit and maybe a hard boiled egg is something most kids can do with a little help and dad will love it!

Another idea is a picnic lunch for dad. The menu can be simple (peanut butter and jelly sandwiches,cheese and crackers,brownies, fruit, and milk, juice or water) or, more complicated if you like (and you can get some adult help). Believe me dad will be happy with whatever you serve! Serve anything you’d like on your menu and then just pack it all up and tell dad you’re taking him to the park. If you don’t have a park nearby your yard or patio will work perfectly.

For entertainment during your meal, you can entertain dad with stories of favorite times you’ve spent with him. I guarantee you’ll all end up laughing while you recall funny family stories.

You can still give the traditional gift, too,  if you want to but I think your “outside the box” ideas  will be extra special and meaningful to your dad.

Have a great Father’s Day with your dad whatever you decide to do! And have fun family cooking,crafting and gardening:)

Happy Father’s Day Everyone!

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